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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Tuesday, 2 February 2016

[...] Taxing e-cigarettes will backfire on public health

California is on the wrong path if it moves forward with a regressive “sin” tax on vapor products, as supported by The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board [...] The end result will only lead adults back to smoking cigarettes or force them to purchase products out of state or on the black market. The sad truth is that California received $1.52 billion in tobacco excise taxes [...]


More politicians come out in favor of raising smoking age in Washington

It's not the first time state lawmakers in Olympia have tried to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. An attempt during the last legislative session never made it past a State Senate committee. But this time, backers say bi-partisan support, multiple bill sponsors, and public opinion may make the difference.


E-Cigarette Market In The U.K. Part 2: Big Tobacco Enters The Fray

Big tobacco companies were relatively slow to enter the U.K. e-cigarettes market; but they have made up for lost time by using their size and financial power. The unexpected rise in e-cigarette’s popularity took the tobacco companies by surprise. Every one of the big four companies [...] now has e-cigarettes, either already in the market or in development.


North Korean site lists cigarette addiction cure

North Korean companies are currently listing pills which cure cigarette addiction, “brain activator glasses” and a jam made from worms as new products on the Naenara media portal. The cigarette addiction cure is a product of the Korea Tobacco Cessation Research Institute, [...] According to the advert the pills cause “the smoker to grow indifferent to tobacco,” and come with other potential health benefits.


Does smoking really help anxiety?

The exact effects that come from smoking are unknown, yet scientific experiments are being made all the time to find out. People often suggest that if you have anxiety and panic attacks then you should not smoke. But what is the truth about what happens to your anxiety when you start smoking cigarettes? Well, the feeling of relaxation after you smoke is only temporary, [...]


Inmates at smoke free Wrexham super prison [...]

Wrexham super prison inmates could be given gum and nicotine patches to stop smoking [...] The jail which will house 2,100 prisoners will be the first in the UK to be completely smoke free from the day it opens. But the move would leave Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board picking up the bill for support groups, patches, gum and potentially e-cigarettes to help prisoners quit.


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