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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Best Way to Quit Smoking, According to Science

Researchers have long sought for answers on the best way to help people quit smoking. Often, it comes down to two options: quitting cold turkey or gradually tapering a smoking habit. But which one works better? “A lot of people think that the common sense way to give up smoking is to reduce the amount they smoke before quitting,” says Nicola Lindson-Hawley of the University of Oxford, [...]


EDITORIAL: Wynne should extinguish e-cigs plan

The Wynne government's crackdown on where people can use electronic cigarettes is a wrongheaded approach that mistakenly treats e-cigs just like regular smokes. Kathleen Wynne's government announced last week that e-cigarette use would be banned in the same places as cigarettes -- bars, sports fields and playgrounds, for example.


e cigarette - The arguments for and against the e cigarette

The number of people using electronic cigarettes in the UK has tripled over the past two years.


Cigarettes to rise to $40 a packet under Turnbull plan [...]

Malcolm Turnbull is set to follow Bill Shorten's lead and hit smokers in the hip pocket with a proposed tax increase that would see a packet of cigarettes cost $40. A government source has revealed the Turnbull government is looking to introduce a proposal to increase the tobacco excise in the May budget after changes to negative gearing and GST failed, the Daily Telegraph reported.


Five Charts That Show the Tobacco-Stock [...]

The long rally in U.S. tobacco-company shares may be about to burn out. Altria Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc. have risen more than four times as much as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index over the last decade. But for investors looking to profit on vice, it might be time to turn elsewhere. The tobacco companies’ outperformance has given investors cause to rejoice.


Doctor Explains Why E-Cigarettes Are Just As Dangerous As Tobacco Cigarettes

There's a misconception that e-cigarettes may be a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but according to Margaret Cuomo, [...]


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