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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Thu, 1 October 2015

The EU and the regulation of e-cigarettes

Is the proposed regulation of electronic cigarettes and “vaping” sensible or overweaning legislation? Sir, Matt Ridley’s piece railing against the impending EU-wide regulation of e-cigarettes will probably resonate with the views of much of the scientific community who are keen for policies to strike a balance between harms and benefits, as informed by careful study


Low-nicotine cigarettes may reduce smoking, encourage quitting

A large test of cigarettes with reduced nicotine finds that they help smokers cut down on the number of smokes they consume each day, at least in the short term, and that cigarettes with the lowest nicotine levels may even encourage smokers to quit. "These cigarettes don't have much nicotine in the tobacco itself, so no matter what the user does, it's just not there to extract," [...]


UK e-cigarette firm fights EU vaping laws in European court

A British company is taking its challenge against EU proposals on e-cigarette production, sales and marketing to the European court of justice. Totally Wicked, based in Blackburn, Lancashire, will argue before the Luxembourg court on Thursday that rules due to come into force next year are “disproportionate and inappropriate”.


Car smoking ban starts in England and Wales

It is illegal from today in England and Wales to smoke in a car when anyone under 18 is present, even with the window wide open or the air-conditioning on – but it’s still permitted in a convertible as long as the roof is fully down, and e-cigarettes aren’t covered by the ban. It is also now illegal for under-18s to buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids and for retailers to sell them to under-18s, [...]


Patients should be encouraged to use free e-cigarettes in hospitals, argues academic

Hospitals should encourage the use of free e-cigarettes on hospital grounds to improve the health of patients and the wider public, argues an expert in The BMJ today. Earlier this year, all health boards in Scotland except NHS Lothian introduced a ban on the use of e-cigarettes on hospital grounds. 


E-cigarette sales banned for under 18s from today in York

From today it becomes an offence to sell anyone under the age of 18 an e-cigarette. The legislation has been introduced to help prevent young people taking up tobacco after starting smoking e-cigarettes: studies show that they are more likely to consider smoking after trying e-cigarettes, than not. However the number of children thought to be using e-cigarettes is still relatively low.


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