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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Medical Study: Smokers Switching To E-Cigarettes Unlikely To Go Back

Smokers who successfully quit using e-cigarettes are far less likely to relapse and pick up tobacco, according to a new study. Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the study examined vapers– smokers and those who do both for a period of two years and wanted to see how effective e-cigarettes were in keeping people off cigarettes.


FDA attempt at prohibiting menthol flavoring part of long campaign

For anti-tobacco advocates, securing a ban on menthol favoring in tobacco and nicotine products would be tantamount to cutting the head off a dangerous snake. Menthol styles, which are mint-flavored, have proven controversial for decades because they are considered a smoother way to smoke traditional cigarettes, and because of their specific appeal to minority consumers.


Vaping Marijuana is Healthier Than Smoking It

Vaping has already changed the way nicotine fiends get their fix. Now, it’s set to overhaul medical marijuana use as well. The results of a small study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, show that vaping weed, an activity researchers have uninspiringly dubbed “cannavaping,” is much healthier than smoking it. While it seems like a no brainer, there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to prove it until now.


There is no proof that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health [...]

A new study from the London Institute of Ethical Science (LIES) was released over the weekend and it clearly demonstrates that all previous studies have overstated the health risks of cigarette smoke. Funded by Philip Morris International, [...] this study casts doubt on warnings from the American Cancer Society and even the warnings federally mandated on each pack of cigarettes.


FDA Testing Of Cigars: What Does It Mean, What Will It Cost?

When the Food and Drug Administration announced on May 5 that it would begin regulating the premium cigar industry, the organization outlined an extensive list of new requirements that included everything from bigger warning labels to the banning of free samples. Most notable, however, was the FDA's mandate requiring cigar manufacturers to test the ingredients in their products, [...]


Government cracking down on hookah bars, e-cigarettes

The provincial government will be regulating e-cigarettes, flavoured tobacco and hookah bars, in legislation, which will be debated in the House of Assembly this afternoon. In many ways, e-cigarettes will be regulated the same way as traditional tobacco products, with bans on selling to people under 19, and bans on certain forms of in-store displays like super-walls.


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