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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Fri, 18 September 2015


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Advertising standards body draws up rules for e-cigarettes, [...]

E-cigarette manufacturers will be told they cannot make health or medicinal claims and they should not associate the product with tobacco brands or products or glamorise tobacco in any way. E-cigarettes may be presented as an alternative to tobacco, according to the code, but advertisers should do nothing to undermine the message that quitting tobacco use is the best option for good health.


Special report on e-cigarettes issued

A special report has been released on e-cigarettes from Nicotine and Tobacco Research which includes 12 original investigations, one brief report and three letters. The report covered topics pertaining to market trends in U.S. retail, the use of e-cigarettes among younger individuals, chemical composition of e-cigarettes and much more.


E-cigarettes still not banned on airlines

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone said he has successfully lobbied to ban e-cigarettes in all places where tobacco smoking is prohibited in national parks, and he will now turn his attention to outlawing them on airplanes too. “Most people think e-cigarettes are already banned on flights because most of the airlines do in fact ban them of their own accord, but it’s not required by federal law that they be banned,” said Pallone.


Irish Cancer Society welcomes restrictions on e-cigarette ads

The Irish Cancer Society has welcomed the introduction of new rules for the advertising of e-cigarettes while reiterating the need to create a clear distinction between e-cigarettes and the tobacco industry. The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) new code of standards means e-cigarette manufacturers must refrain from using marketing tools which appeal to under 18s, [...]


Illicit tobacco a global crime problem

One third of smokers admitted to buying tobacco products from “non-shop” sources, meaning that rather than going to a supermarket or corner shop, smokers are buying their tobacco from abroad, online, from friends of family, in pubs, in the street, at car boot sales, in vans, at work and in “fag houses” (private houses selling tobacco).


FDA Says Some Cigarettes are Safer than Others, But Not Electronic Cigarettes

How can it be that a tobacco cigarette which is essentially designed in the same way as all other brands on the market (i.e., it burns tobacco) and which may only contain one additional ingredient can possibly be safer than other brands, yet a product which is designed completely differently [...] and which is free of hundreds of hazardous tobacco smoke constituents is no safer than cigarettes?


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