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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Wed, 7 October 2015

How Vapers Can Help Smokers Quit

The controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes continues to smolder. E-cigarettes are the battery-powered devices that deliver an aerosol that contains nicotine but no trace of cancer-causing tar. Despite ample data to the contrary, critics insist that e-cigarettes are a “gateway” to teen smoking and that they contain dangerous levels of toxins. [...]


Americans Are Smoking Again, a Boon for Municipal Tobacco Bonds

Americans are boosting spending on cigarettes for the first time in almost a decade. While that may raise health concerns in a nation that’s worked for decades to cut smoking, it’s fueling a rally in one of the riskiest corners of the municipal-bond market. “Smoking shipments on the year have marginally increased -- that’s obviously a big change from historical trends,” said David Hammer, [...]


Debate over e-cigarettes dominates Indiana legislative hearing

Tobacco is bad for you. That was the one thing on which the elected officials and speakers at the legislative committee's public hearing could agree. Now the question becomes: What is the best public policy to start eating away at the state’s high smoking rate of nearly 23 percent? [...]


Experts refute Harper’s claim pot is more dangerous than tobacco

Is cannabis, as Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper claims, “infinitely worse” than tobacco, a substance that kills tens of thousands of Canadians each year? Definitely not, say medical researchers and addiction experts, who are refuting Mr. Harper’s provocative comparison between cigarettes and marijuana.


How did a jail in Guernsey ban smoking with no unrest?

Dave Matthews, prison governor of Les Nicolles prison, in Guernsey, welcomed news of a complete ban on smoking in prisons in England and Wales, to be phased in from January. He says the move is “well overdue” and dismisses the idea that trouble could follow. Matthews points out that since Les Nicolles banned tobacco on New Year’s Day 2013 there has been no unrest at the 130-capacity jail.


Michigan Senate votes to increase fines for selling tobacco to minors

The Michigan Senate on Tuesday voted unanimously to increase fines for selling tobacco to minors for the first time since at least 1988. "In some respects, this just adjusts it for inflation, but I thought it was a good move to make," said sponsoring Sen. Steve Bieda, D-Warren. Bieda said the bill was initially inspired by a personal observation near his old high school, [...]


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