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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Thu, 22 January 2015


High Levels of Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols: study says

"In e-cigarette use by humans, overheating the liquid generates acrid tasting 'dry puff' which is unpleasant and avoided rather than slowly inhaled," [...] "When a chicken is burned, the resulting black crisp will contain carcinogens but that does not mean that chicken are carcinogenic," [...]
"They clearly did not talk to [people who use e-cigarettes] to understand this," says Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association. "They think, 'Oh well. If we hit the button for so many seconds and that produces formaldehyde, then we have a new public health crisis to report.' " But that's not the right way to think about it [...]
Many smokers have a great opportunity to switch from smoking to vaping, and to reduce their incremental risk of disease by 95-99%. However, studies like this and the reporting that has followed, are gradually persuading smokers that e-cigarettes are much more risky than they are, and that they might as well continue to smoke. [...]

The conditions used to study the e-cigarette aerosol at the high voltage setting were unrealistic and under such conditions, a vaper would never be able to use the product. This is because the wattage being used was so high that the vaporizer was overheated (for a conventional e-cigarette it would likely damage or burn the coils), creating a horrible taste which a vaper could not tolerate. This is sometimes referred to as the "dry puff phenomenon."


People who smoke high-voltage e-cigarettes have greater exposure to formaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen, than those who keep the voltage low, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday. Researchers from Portland State University took flavored nicotine liquid made by Halo Cigs, a private company, and tested it in a personal vaporizer from Innokin. 


“Electronic cigarettes are a means to quit smoking that is clearly extraordinarily efficient,” he told reporters after a legislative committee on Tuesday, on the occasion of Quebec Tobacco-Free Week (Jan. 18 to 24). Quebec is expected to clear up the legislative “grey zone” covering e-cigarettes soon. But a spokesperson for the minister assigned to public health, Lucie Charlebois, couldn’t say when the bill would be tabled.


Two recent studies by the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and the Hawaii State Department of Health show that Hawaii teens are using e-cigarettes at much higher rates than their Mainland peers, but proposed legislation may change that trend. Sen. Josh Green, [...] told PBN that adding e-cigarettes to the ban pon smoking in public places will be a priority this legislative session, which starts on Wednesday. 


Dutch anti-smoking policy is to be made tougher and the minimum age to buy electronic cigarettes is to be set at 18, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday. The paper says junior health minister Martin van Rijn’s plans also include placing photographs of smoke-damaged organs such as lungs on packets of cigarettes and rolling tobacoo. The photographs will cover at least 65% of the packet, the paper claims.


The state government on Tuesday hiked tax on imported and India-made foreign liquors (IMFLs) but reduced it on tobacco and tobacco products. Tax on IMFLs and imported liquors would be up 50% at every stage - from manufacturing to wholesaler to retailer and buyer level. Principal secretary, cabinet secretariat department, B Pradhan said after the cabinet meeting the hike would generate Rs300 crore additional revenue for the state per annum. 


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