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Daily Digest - Monday, 12 September 2016

Warning: junk science damages your health

One of the most salutary examples of people in authority getting risks wrong is a paper written in 1955 by the first head of the environmental cancer section of the US National Cancer Institute, Wilhelm Hueper. The title was “Lung cancers and their causes” and he was absolutely convinced that “cigarette smoking is not a major factor in the causation of lung cancer”. [...]


Opinion: E-cigarettes could help smokers

Close on its recent passage of the legislation for plain packaging, government policy makers now have the time to look at the scientific evidence suggesting nicotine e-cigarettes and their liquids could benefit New Zealand's half million smokers. But government consultation with the public did not ask who should sell them. University of Otago researchers have asked for vape shops and pharmacies to do so. [...]


1 in 5 smokers lie to save money on life insurance

New research has revealed that almost one in five Australian smokers would lie on their life insurance applications about their nicotine habit in order to save money on their policy premiums. Analysis from show 19% of smokers would not tell their insurance company they smoke because they may be forced to pay over two times as much for their monthly premiums, compared to non-smokers.


Legalising electronic cigarettes could save thousands of NZ smokers' lives

Thousands of New Zealand smokers' lives could be saved by legalising domestic sales of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, a leading vendor says. The claim by Cosmic, which is selling the devices despite the current legal ban, comes as submissions close today on a legalisation plan and has some backing from public health experts, both here and overseas.


Vaping is linked to deadly lung infections

Vaping may raise people’s risk of pneumonia and other deadly bacterial infections, a leading lung scientist has warned. Professor Jonathan Grigg has found that the chemical propellants and nicotine used in ecigarettes both have a powerful effect on lung cells, effectively opening them up to infection by the bacteria that cause pneumonia.


HPA to push for change to e-cigarette regulation

Health Promotion Administration (HPA) officials yesterday promised to push for amendments to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (菸害防制法) to regulate e-cigarettes and increase taxes on ordinary cigarettes in response to the demands of ant-smoking lobbyists. Introducing new regulations for e-cigarettes is warranted given the sharp increase in their usage among young people, [...]


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