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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Tue, 29 September 2015

No smoke without fire in this EU nightmare

When regulation goes wrong, people call for more regulation. Sometimes, though, regulation is the cause of the original problem. It is steadily becoming clear that the way the European Union does regulation is especially pernicious. It stifles innovation, often favours danger over safety, plays into the hands of vested interests and is inflexible and unaccountable.


Are Imperial Tobacco Group Plc & British American Tobacco Plc Running Out Of Puff?

Despite its unpopularity with governments and international organisations globally, the portion of the world’s population that smokes remains stubbornly high, even after years of tax increases and unilateral health initiatives that have all attempted to bring down this number. It is the addictive nature of smoking that provides tobacco companies with resilience throughout the economic cycle, [...]


E-shisha: How the new vaping pipe is rejuvenating the UK's shisha-bar scene

It’s a Friday night in a dark lounge bar in London’s Soho and the scent of mangos and blueberries hangs heavy in the air. The Maison Touareg, a shisha bar and restaurant whose business was devastated by the smoking ban in 2007, is now enjoying a renaissance – thanks to the introduction of an innovative device known as the e-shisha.


Do e-cigarettes lead to cigarette smoking?

For years, electronic cigarettes have ridden the vapor of respectability as a technology cigarette smokers can use to get nicotine while avoiding tobacco’s health risks. Their use continues growing, based in part on their reputation as a gateway out of the cigarette habit. While that point is not the focus of debate, the discussion has shifted to concern that e-cigarettes may be enticing teenagers and young adults to try regular cigarettes.


Study shows alcohol relapse and cigarette smoking correlation

A recently published Yale-affiliated study may change the way doctors treat alcohol-use disorders in patients who smoke cigarettes. Smokers recovering from alcohol dependence often continue smoking in an effort to alleviate the discomfort of withdrawal, according to the study. But the researchers determined that this cigarette use has an adverse impact on patients’ likelihood of staying sober in the long-run.


Saskatoon council defers vote on smoking ban in city's public spaces

The issue of e-cigarettes and outdoor smoking bans were back before city council today. Last month, council decided to ban the use of e-cigarettes in municipal buildings, bars and restaurants and outdoor patios. At last month's council, some city councillors wondered if the ban would include vaping stores. According to the report, Edmonton City Council recently voted to allow for a similar exemption.


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