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Daily Digest - Monday, 6 November 2017

Regular smoking in young people at record low

The proportion of young people smoking in England regularly is the lowest on record, according to new figures. Around 1 in 5 (19 percent) 11-15 year olds surveyed said they had ever smoked, a similar level to survey data from 2014 . Around 3 percent of young people said they were regular smokers, down slightly from 2014. Alyssa Best [...] said that efforts to reduce smoking rates need to continue.



Cigarette sales are plummeting in Japan at an “unprecedented” rate as smokers turn in droves to alternative technologies that drastically cut health risks from combustible tobacco. Japan Tobacco Inc. revealed Wednesday the company is expecting a massive decline in cigarette sales due to the rapidly growing popularity of heat-not-burn products developed by Philip Morris International (PMI) and British American Tobacco (BAT). [...]


Rise in violence and self-harm as inmates struggle with tobacco ban

Record levels of violence and self-harm among prisoners are feared to be being driven partly by a smoking ban in 66 jails in England and Wales. More than half of prisons in England and Wales forbid prisoners from smoking in a move that has led to tobacco being sold on the black market inside for as much as £150 an ounce.


Vapers Should Embrace Smokeless Tobacco and Heat-Not-Burn

Tobacco control groups, government bureaucrats and too many politicians seem intent on destroying what British addiction expert David Nutt called the “greatest health advance since vaccinations” and instead keep smokers smoking and dying. Perhaps the only reason they haven’t yet succeeded is because vapers, who often lived for years as shamed smokers, have finally [...] quit smoking.


Experts and public disagree over plan to drug-test welfare recipients – polls

Two new polls have exposed a vast gulf in opinion between experts and the public on the federal government’s controversial plan to drug test welfare recipients. The surveys, both released on Thursday, show majority support from the public for the drug testing policy, even among Labor voters, but overwhelming opposition from the drug and alcohol sector.


The penalties imposed for violating vaping laws across Australia

In Australia e-cigarettes may be purchased normally, however nicotine-containing e-liquids are illegal. In August 2016, a number of health advocates submitted proposals to local regulator Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), to remove nicotine concentrations of below 3.6% from the Poisons Standard. However, last April, the TGA made its final decision to uphold the ban, [...]


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