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Daily Digest - Friday, 23 September 2016

E-cigarette users view smoke-free areas as okay for vaping

The majority of e-cigarette users have “vaped” in a smoke-free environment and most don’t view use of the devices as harmful to themselves or others, according to a U.S. study. Nearly three quarters of users opposed banning e-cigarette use in public spaces that are designated as non-smoking, and younger users are most likely to consider all spaces acceptable for vaping, surveys found.


Protecting lungs from smoke and pollution

It is welcome news that last year vaping contributed to a record number of people in England becoming long-term ex-smokers [...] If the government, working with the responsible vape industry, introduced a proportionate regulatory regime for the sector then vape products could help even more smokers switch to vaping. But regulations introduced in May of this year will restrict advertising of vape products; [...]


Educated people more likely to use e-cigs, Georgia State study finds

As part of a recent Georgia State study, researchers at the School of Public Health surveyed 1,200 smokers who either smoked cigarettes, used electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) , or both, in hopes of finding any discrepancies on how it may affect an individual’s intent to quit. [...] Dr. Michael Eriksen, who helped put the study together, said the purpose behind it was to understand how people use e-cigarettes.


Study on smoking’s damage to DNA underscores need for cessation options

New research on the effects of smoking is capturing the internet’s attention today – a million people are discussing it [...] The study in question – led by Dr. Stephanie London [...] examined blood samples from more than 16,000 participants from six previous smoking studies. Most headline-grabbing has been the finding that smoking appears to alter the DNA in ways that can last a lifetime.


Plain-package cigs, the Liberals’ gift to organized crime

If I were in the contraband tobacco business, which is more lucrative and less jail-risky in this country than the narco trade, I would be cutting the largest donation cheque legally allowed to the Liberal Party of Canada. And to every one of its MPs. It would probably be wise on the part of the Liberals to vet these donations, of course, because I would more than likely belong [...]


Number of smokers in Kent generally drops [...]

The number of adults smoking in Kent has dropped - but some areas have seen a surprising rise in people taking up the habit. Figures published by Public Health England show fewer people are lighting up across the county, as smokers turn to e-cigarettes or stub out for good. But in Medway, Dover, Dartford and Sevenoaks, the number of smokers rose between 2014 and last year.


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