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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Congress, Save E-Cigarettes From The FDA

On Wednesday, House appropriators will face a decision with major ramifications for efforts to combat smoking and protect public health. The Food and Drug Administration is poised to adopt rules that could cripple the e-cigarette industry, obstructing the availability of a safer alternative to cigarettes. The appropriators may be the last line of defense against wrong-headed action by the FDA.


[Ram Garikipati] Warnings on cigarette packs

As expected, South Korean tobacco-makers and retailers have expressed their opposition to the Health Ministry’s new antismoking policies, which require all firms to fix health warning illustrations on their cigarette products. However, the ministry is not being swayed by their arguments and has refused to stand down.


E-cigarettes have immediate effects on pulmonary function

E-cigarette smoking is increasingly promoted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, but a growing body of evidence points to its potential dangers. Adding to the evidence, researchers will report at CHEST World Congress this month on a study of e-cigarettes and the immediate effects on pulmonary function in healthy and mild asthmatic young smokers.


Portland considers raising age for buying tobacco to 21

The City Council’s Health and Human Services Committee will take up the proposal Tuesday as a way to limit young people’s access to highly addictive tobacco products. “If we can reduce the number of teens with access to tobacco, there will be fewer teens addicted to nicotine and fewer teens wishing they hadn’t taken up the habit in the first place,” said City Councilor Edward Suslovic, [...]


Young people in Ireland take the most psychoactive drugs in the EU

A recent report has revealed that more young people in Ireland have taken psychoactive drugs than their counterparts across the EU. According to the 2016 EU Drugs Market Report, [...] nine percent of 15- to 24-year-olds in Ireland have tried a "new psychoactive substance" (NPS) at least once in the last 12 months, followed by eight percent of young people in both Spain and France.


Alaska workplace smoking ban advocates worry legislation is in limbo

Alaska anti-smoking advocates say their legislation to create a statewide indoor smoking ban is languishing in a committee chaired by Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, where it’s set to die when the Alaska Legislature adjourns April 17 unless LeDoux decides to schedule a hearing and send it to the House floor. The legislation would ban smoking in workplaces, businesses and public places including bars, [...]


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