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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Tue, 24 November 2015

Convenience Stores That Hide Cigarettes, [...]

Although some convenience stores like CVS have stopped selling tobacco products, many still do, and they’re almost always on display for everyone to see. Though it may be against these stores’ business interests, a recent RAND Corporation study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, has found hiding these products can reduce the chances of teens buying them.


Study shows significant decline in retailer compliance [...]

In a study examining compliance with New York City's new law that raised the legal age for purchasing cigarettes to 21 years of age, researchers [...] found that compliance with identification (ID) checks has significantly decreased since the law was made effective. Prior to the change in the law, 29% of retailers sampled were non-compliant. [...]


Don’t Let Progress on Tobacco Evaporate

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this month that the adult smoking rate in the United States has fallen to a new low, a testament to the decades of education about the dangers of tobacco and measures to discourage its use. Now Republicans in the House are seeking to slash the very government programs that have helped to achieve such remarkable success.


Expert: Passive smoking can cause infant death

Passive smoking is generally harmful, but children and pregnant women are at a higher risk and it may cause sudden death to an infant, an official said here Friday. "Secondhand smoke causes cardiovascular and respiratory disease, coronary heart disease and lung cancer to adults. However, it can lead to sudden death among infants because they have small lung size [...]


Packet of 25 cigarettes to cost more than $40 [...]

The Labor Party has announced a plan which would see a packet of 25 cigarettes cost more than $40 by 2020. The price rise would stem from gradual increases in the tax on cigarettes continuing beyond 2017, if Labor is elected. The Opposition said the policy would generate savings of almost $50 billion over the medium term and almost double the rate at which people quit smoking.


How Prenatal Exposure to Marijuana Affects Kids' Vision

Children exposed to marijuana in the womb show a significant improvement in their ability to track moving objects at age four, says a new study, warning that the results do not mean marijuana has a benefical effect on foetal development. "We were surprised with this initial finding," said Ben Thompson, professor at University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.


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