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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Mon, 11 January 2016


I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for almost a decade. I had tried to quit, but nothing worked. The patch gave me a rash. Nicorette gave me incessant hiccups. And neither reduced my craving for cigarettes. Chantix, which my doctor prescribed, worked—at least until I went to hospital with a severe allergic reaction. [...]


I smoked a smartphone at CES

My favorite piece of vaporware from 2015 has to be the Jupiter smokeable smartphone. I made fun of the device when it came out, while applauding the clever combination of two modern gadgets. This seemed like something absolutely no one needs but that most people would like to try out at least once. That is, if it really existed and wasn't just a viral marketing stunt. [...]


The factual haze over vaping

On Dec. 29, the UK's Daily Telegraph published a highly inaccurate article on the potential dangers of e-cigarettes. As of Jan. 9, it remains uncorrected. Complaints from vapers and academics about the article's inaccuracies have apparently made no difference to the Telegraph, and the article's author, science editor Sarah Knapton. [...]


Ban on vape sale an apt move

Although the fatwa banning the use of vape or e-cigarettes is basically for the Muslims, the decision made by many state governments not to allow the sale of vape products has been seen as a very apt and relevant move. This is because the health risks and effects of vaping using the e-cigarettes, especially among the young people, know no religious boundaries.


The great vape debate: Should e-cigs be banned [...]

Are you for or against e-cigs in enclosed public spaces? As Wales prepares to control the practice of vaping from 2017, we canvassed opinions from either side of the debate [...] The journey taken by e-cigarettes over the past few years has been remarkable. From virtually nowhere, we can now find a shop selling them on every high street.


Regulatory fees for e-cigarettes

The aim of this consultation is to seek the views of stakeholders on proposals to introduce proportionate fees for obtaining Notifications for the placing on the UK Market of e-cigarettes that are classified as consumer products and covered by the revised Tobacco Products Directive. This proposal introduces new fees for producers and importers of e-cigarettes in order for MHRA [...]


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