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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Another Viewpoint: E-cigarettes important to many people

Recently, a major news channel did a segment on e-cigarettes and the increasing use of them among teens. Once again, the topic was children, where the media’s laser-like focus was negative, predictable and damaging to the e-cigarette industry. What is not reported is the sunny side regarding the many success stories on behalf of those of legal age. [...]


E-Cigarettes and Vaping Market in Iran

moking in Iran is at record levels, social observers and national health groups say. Every day more and more people are taking up the habit, some as young as 13 years old, according to the Iranian Anti-Tobacco Association. A local anti-smoking group estimates 65 billion cigarettes are smoked annually in the country, generating $2.8 billion in revenue in the previous Iranian year.


Clive Bates: Doing the Right Thing

Clive Bates calls for support for the New Nicotine Alliance.


NY’s anti-science e-cig crackdown

Gov. Cuomo’s Department of Health last week released survey data that he’s using to bolster his case for a $12 tax on 30 ml bottles of vaping liquids and a ban on vaping indoors. Yet the survey data — and much other evidence — undercut his case. That hasn’t stopped legislators from piling on with efforts to ban coupons for vapor products, prohibit sales in pharmacies, ban flavored e-liquid [...]


Jay Kuten: It's all smoke and mirrors

[...] On the same day that the Dunedin Report was issued, it was announced that the Government would now be legalising sale of e-cigarettes. Similar smiling faces on the television and, once more, unnamed experts are assuring us that these things are "perfectly" safe. The argument made is that it's "only nicotine" that is being delivered into the lungs by the new sexy buzzword "vaping" [...]


Dr. Mark Sikorski - E-Cigarettes Vs Cigarettes - Macomb County Physician

Dr. Mark Sikorski prides himself on extensive, thorough, and personable family care. [...]


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