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Welcome to our monthly...

Girlology is 12 years old, and that means it’s a normal time to start our monthly! It’s hard to believe we’ve been chatting it up about puberty and emerging sexuality for that long, but according to Malcom Gladwell, ten years is about what it takes to be a master in your field, and we’re feeling on top of our game these days. 

We want you to look forward to getting The Monthly and see it as a reassuring presence. Our plan is to deliver helpful information, communication tips, and encouragement as you become the primary sexuality educator and health promoter for your child. We’ll also introduce you to our team members, and keep you posted on new locations, new publications, and our latest news. We thank you for your interest and for trusting us with these important conversations. For now, enjoy our latest video that explains who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

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January is cervical cancer awareness month

Pap smears have reduced deaths from cervical cancer by 70% in our country, but we still see over 12,000 women die from it each year (at an average age of 45-that's young!). 

What can you do to protect yourself and your daughter? Get regular pap smears for yourself (they aren’t recommended until age 21 for your daughter), and get your daughters (and sons) vaccinated against HPV (human papillomavirus). Not only does it protect against 90% of cervical cancers, it also helps prevent abnormal pap smears, pre-cancers, and genital warts as well as other cancers (vulva, vagina, anus, penis, head and neck) affecting both women and men.

For an in depth view of the importance of cervical cancer prevention, read Dr. Amy Cooper’s emotional and moving blog about diagnosing a new case of cervical cancer and then taking her son to get vaccinated.

For additional details on HPV or the vaccine, visit the CDC resources for parents.

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About Us

You know how it's hard to talk with your kids about puberty and sexual development? Well, we help YOU talk about IT. ALL of it. 

What began in 2003 as a grassroots outreach of busy clinical practices, is now a growing national brand with the voice parents trust for age-appropriate, medically accurate, engaging and cringe-free messages about growing up safe, healthy and informed, especially when it comes to puberty and sexuality. Founded by Dr. Melisa Holmes, an ob-gyn and mom of three, and Dr. Trish Hutchison...

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Meet Dr. Erin Vilano.

Upcoming Indianapolis programs:

-Feb. 28th
-March 13th
-march 25th
-April 17th

Does Your child really need the HPv Vaccine?

We are happily holding programs in the following cities. Are we in yours yet? If not, let us know where you want us!

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