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Blessed Midsummer

I lived in the desert for a few years in my twenties. The weather migrated from hot to hotter to hot to warm back to hot. And the years ticked by quickly. I mark time through seasons, and remember things in that way, before I knew it, I had been there for four years. I didn't celebrate the seasons. The weather was beautiful, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I wanted to call out of work. "I'm sorry I can't come in today. I'm all sunned in. It's 108 degrees on my porch."
I craved the turn of the wheel those years, and began to truly appreciate those markedly distinct seasons we get in Pennsylvania. The hummingbirds found our herb and flower garden early this year, as though they were harbingers of heat. And I began to appreciate that start of summer in May. The sun rose furiously above us, reminding us of all that needs illumination. The Sun in Tarot shows a little cherub riding a horse amidst sunflowers, and under the bright sun. The Sun represents direct, conscious connection to the Divine, to truth, to wisdom, to that Masculine Divine both within us and outside of us. It is the radiant, amazing truth, joy, healing, protection and manifestation of all our hidden intentions.
The equinoxes and solstices help me mark time, take inventory, set intentions and envision my next few months. I connect with moon energy, as my own womb cycles mirror that of Grandmother Moon. The idea of Goddesses and the Divine Feminine comforts me, nurtures, but more and more I have been receiving messages in meditation that we need both energies--male and female--equally. And the Sun illuminates, heals, truth-tells, clarifies, prioritizes and protects. It is the Great Father, if the earth is Mother.
Recently, I have noticed my own relationship with the sun cycles--sun storms and solar flares find me flaring up, revealing those fiery hooks. As we edge toward that distinctive earthly tilt toward the Sun on solstice, I begin to pull down my art supplies, sketch on napkins, cut out words from magazines. I am creative around those solstice points of the year. There resides potential, new beginnings, intention setting. I want to change and prioritize and clarify. I also like to take inventory and check-in.

This year, after my New Year Creative Visioning class, Sharon suggested I think about offering my visioning work at Summer Solstice as well.  My visioning class is transformative. The day feels restorative, transformative, and informative. It is like finding a Higher Self translator. We spend nearly the entire time in a meditative state, starting first with meditation, journey and journaling. We talk about what visioning is, and how to achieve this state, and I guide my students into meditation to meet their guides, and journey to a place where they access their Higher Self. This journey and visioning process opens each person, moves them from their thought center to their intuitive center. We move from journey to journal, and in the same state, I begin asking questions, and each person simply writes, without analyzing or explicating, just exploring what it is they want for the next six months. The vis

ion for themselves. This is the most important aspect of intention-setting--aligning your intention with your Highest Self for your Highest Good. Then we spend the afternoon creating vision boards to hold our intentions, and really explore what we want.

I have room in this incredible workshop, honoring the Sun on solstice, and our own ability to find clarity. What amazed me about the workshop last time is that feeling of truly retreat achieved through this process and the vision board creation process. Join me from 10a-5pm at Alta View Wellness. I provide all of the art supplies, magazines, and meditation. You simply come open and willing. This is a $75 retreat for your soul. Sign up via Alta View's website, or by calling 717-221-0133
Some of my students were generous enough to provide some feedback about the experience of my Creative Visioning class, here is what they said:

"Each element of the Creative Visioning class was extremely nourishing, exhilarating and so much more. So much preparation by Angie enabled this experience to be just what my soul and hear were seeking to begin the new year. Thank you."
"Mixing creativity with spirituality is very transformative. The journey work was powerful and helped me see the energy support that surrounds me at this stage of my life."
"The Creative Visioning class was an awesome learning experience about self and setting priorities for life."

I'm so grateful for each of you who read this newsletter. If you have suggestions, ideas and insights, please feel free to email me at


PS: Check out my blog, as i will be posting all kinds of cool solstice-y things, like stones for summer solstice, grids for solstice, and tarot spreads for solstice, which are really amazingly insightful!

This heart chakra grid featured in Alta View Wellness Center's boutique is focused on heart healing with Green Calcite in the center and around the edges, rose quartz and unakite. Join us July 2 from 6:30-8:30p for our monthly crystal workshop on the heart chakra. Call 717-221-0133 to join us.

Saturday, June 20 
Creative Visioning for Summer Solstice
10am - 5pm
Alta View Wellness Center
4814 Jonestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Space is limited and runs $75. Pre-registration is required for this workshop.

Thursday, July 2
Crystal Workshop: Heart Chakra

4814 Jonestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17109
$30 includes group meditation and mojo bag of crystals.
Pre-registration is required for this workshop.

More information on and at Alta View Wellness Center.You can call 717-221-0133 to find more information or register for any of my classes.
4814 jonestown road
harrisburg, PA 17109
Angie Yingst is an Advanced Crystal Master and Reiki Master Teacher at Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, PA. She is a crystal healer, tarot reader, psychic, writer and artist. She sees clients throughout the week, and teaches workshops on crystals, tarot, art and spirituality. You can make an appointment with her at 717-221-0133.
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