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Dear Moon + Stonies,

When I began to write this week, I first began writing about vulnerability and shame. It morphed into a piece about friendship losses. Losing friendships has been such a profoundly difficult part of my life--one where I feel most vulnerable perhaps. Friends truly are the soul family we create. I have valued each person I call a friend throughout my life as a teacher, a collaborator, a spiritual partner, and a gift. Upon reflection, some friendships were there to show me parts of myself I would have rathered stayed cocooned in the back closet of my soul, yet those instances have been the greatest teacher, catapulting my spiritual growth. This piece grew much too large and unwieldy for one newsletter. So what I did was write a bit about friendship loss and vulnerability here, and wrote some soul work and practical ideas for healing from friendship loss on my blog.  I wanted to share thoughts and tips on how to deal with friendship loss on an energetic level and healing oneself. I am not going to be giving any words on how to heal the broken friendship, but rather how to heal the broken heart. 

In my life, I lost more than one friend after my daughter's death and my subsequent grief. Some drifted away naturally, others fizzled, and a small minority blew up into an argument, falling out, and declaration that the friendship was OVER! If I hadn't talked to hundreds of people about this, I would have thought it was just me losing friends during my hardest times. But so many people mirrored this same situation to me. As my friend Kara Jones always says, "Grief updates your address book." When I talk about grief here, I'm not talking about my specific grief of child loss (though certainly applicable), but rather grief from divorce; disease, accident or sicknesses; loss of parents, siblings, or friends, moving or losing a job, caretaking for an elder family member or sick child. Other times we lose friends during spiritual growth periods, particularly when we are have ascension issues, getting sober, finding a new understanding of our spirituality, or opening psychically. Our changes, grief or growth, can make people very uncomfortable. 

Whatever reason we lose a friend, it usually hits us at our core, probably more than losing a romantic relationship. We have infinite friendships, and one romantic partner (Well, most of us.) These losses, while they may have nothing to do with us, feel entirely about us. When someone tells us that our friendship is not working for them, it hits us at that tender heart space. All that negative programming comes racing back into our heads. Our Shadow Self reminds us that we aren't good enough, and we often feel that overwhelming shame and vulnerability that rejection brings. It also can bring back reactions and behaviors that we thought we released long ago, like fear, anger, shame, resentment, confusion, disappointment. Those feelings are remarkably similar to grief; in fact, they are grief.

Fear, in particular, for me, is this sneaky little bastard of emotion. My instinctual reaction to fear is not flight, it is fight. So my fear often expresses itself in anger; so quickly, I often don't even realize it is fear. Fear of not being right, fear of hurting someone I love, fear of being alone, fear of losing my friend, fear of rejection. Anger feels so terrible, humans want to shift out of it quickly. And yet when we sit quietly in anger, we actually can feel it transform into the real emotion. Just because we are afraid does not mean we will create the situation we are fearing. I dislike when spiritual teachers tell their students that a thought creates a reality, nearly instantly, and doesn't allow normal emotional reaction. No, we have to allow ourselves to be human, not Buddhas. Think of each emotion in your body as a wolf. If we don't feed the fear wolf, or the anger wolf, it does not grow strong enough to consume the love wolf. And if we feed the love wolf daily, it grows strongest, most powerful, and consumes the other emotions easily and quickly. 

When people come to me after friendship fallout, they want to know what to do, or what they did, or why it is happening to them. What should they say to their friend? I say, this is the plane going down. Put on your own oxygen mask first. If your friend is demanding answers, ask her for some time for reflection so you don't overreact. Most people find that is very easy to respect. If it is over, these are applicable also for long term healing. You can read more on my blog right here. Join the conversation in the comment section.

Love to you all,

PS. I am so honored to have finished all my coursework with Hibiscus Moon Academy, and am now an Advanced Crystal Master. Hibiscus Moon Academy has opened enrollment for her Certified Crystal Healer course. I can honestly said that her course changed my life immensely. You can email me if you have any questions about my writing, work, or this course. Game changer. Seriously.


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