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Dear Friends,

Tonight as the full Hunter moon rises, sections of it are darkened by the outer part of the Earth’s shadow, an event known as a penumbral eclipse. As Cathy Pagano  says, "A lunar eclipse can bring up the Shadow; we can act it out unconsciously or recognize and integrate it into our conscious personality and act accordingly."
This moon, more than all others through the year, is the most psychic, most mystical, most connected to other dimensions, other states of consciousness and other worlds. The veil is thin, as they say, and those of us who are sensitive (I count all who are reading this newsletter in that category) feels the thinning of the veil and the rampant energy most poignantly. And our shadow, when it comes out to rear its dark head, shrieks for attention.
We may feel almost bombarded with energy--the good, the bad and the ugly. This week, I revisited grief in a way that I hadn't in a long time. I wept and cried and felt the missing so deeply, yet, at the same time, the presence of my missed so palpably. I missed the foibles, material presence, and humanity of my dead.  But I felt her Spirit as though she were comforting me in my grief. So, there was a kind of grace in this grief, because I know death is not an end, and that this grief is part of my human experience, part of what I signed up for before this life. 
So much of my shadow work revolved around grieving and letting go, acceptance of this life. This week, I reached out in my grief. I took my grief into the daylight. Talked about it. Acknowledged it. Made peace that this is a normal, healthy cycle of being human. We grieve. We miss. We feel angry. We cry. A friend asked me how I deal with the grief. And I said, "I cry." There is no magic to how we deal with our shadow. I acknowledge and express it. I allow the next emotion to come.
After I reached out to a friend, she sent me a message saying that she was praying for me. And with this Moon and all this energy, I felt anger rise. Anger is so deeply tied to my grief. I didn't want prayers to shift out of those feelings, or to have them alleviated. This is part of the great experience of being human--suffering, feeling, grieving. It is part of my shadow self that I have made peace with. I accept grief. But I also accept the beautiful sentiment of my friend. She wants my suffering alleviated. This time is a time of grief and loss, and also a great finding. Let us find all our feelings, call them by their proper name, feel them, sit in them, get curious about them. 
I've been talking about curiosity a great deal lately, because I think it is the key to spiritual growth. I am sharing this deeply personal shadow work, because people often have no reference to recognize when a shadow issue arises. For me, it came in a day where I wept and felt sensitive, then when anger arose out of a beautiful sentiment, and then feeling of not wanting to meet with friends, or go to a group where I feel so spiritually nourished. These are small ways, but these are all ways I want to shift out of facing who I truly am.
So often, we set intentions, work toward a beautiful goal, but at this full moon time, when shadow arises, we lose our oomph. And sometimes losing our oomph is the shadow. It comes in many ways--"I'm too busy to take time for that meeting/massage session/class/meeting/support group/therapist appointment." "It's selfish to constantly be doing things for my intention." "I'm tired of talking about my 'shadow stuff.' I just want to live." "That's not my shadow stuff, that person is just annoying me!" 
Why not get curious about that?!? When you feel annoyed, write down why. When someone in traffic is pissing you off, pay attention. Are they going too slow (like everyone I was behind this week), or too fast? When someone you love calls, and you don't feel like calling her back, note why. THOSE are your shadow issues. 
I know we will talk more about this at another time, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. So, send me an email at On Saturday, October 18, I have a table at the Psychic Wellness Expo in Runnemede, NJ. Check out the link here. I am doing tarot readings--15 minutes for $25. My sister Kellyann will be doing readings too for the same price. She is a gifted medium and channel. I'm also selling mojo bags and crystals, jewelry and other beautiful things. Come visit us. I'll also be reading Tarot at the Crystal Tree in Westmont, NJ, on Saturday, October 26 from 12-5. I am doing 20 minutes for $25. I have started a sheet with times, because I have been filling up. So if you want a session, email me at

Love, love, love,

The Hanged Man

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed. — Ernest Hemingway

So many of the cards of the Tarot possess dual meaning, ambiguity, and intrigue, but perhaps none embody paradox more than the Hanged Man. Just hearing about a hanging evokes fear, condemnation, punishment, but the Hanged Man is a card of mystery, sacrifice, and grace. The Hanged Man is number XII of the Major Arcana, and on the Fool's Journey, the card that resides between Justice and Death. But the judgment and punishment of the Hanged Man is truly a self-imposed experience, which is precisely what makes this card so rich in symbolism...continue reading at the Moon + Stone blog.


So much of my crystal healing arsenal is made up of grounding stones. It is just so vitally important to connect to Mama Earth and help shield and protect your electromagnetic field (EMF). Not only for empaths, but everyone should be mindful of their delicate auras. Hematite is one of the most effective grounding stones, and it is so easily accessible. There is no excuse to have one or ten of them in your house.  ...continue reading at the Moon + Stone blog.


The Moon + Stone Healing is the healing studio of Angie Yingst, CCH. I utilize crystals, reiki, aromatherapy and intuitive counseling through tarot and oracle cards, gentle hands-on healing techniques, earth-based medicine crafting, and my intuitive work to bring your body, spirit, and mind back into alignment. 


Saturday, October 19th, 10am-6pm
Psychic Wellness Expo
The Runnemede Inn, 109 9th Ave, Runnemede, NJ 08078
Angie is offering 15 minute Tarot readings for $25. Kellyann Satterfield is a psychic channel and medium and Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner. Kellyann connects with your spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and departed loved ones. Kellyann charges $25 for 15 minutes. Please see Kellyann's website at Kellyann Satterfield. We accept credit cards and cash. Call or email to set up an appointment at this event for Angie or Kellyann. Find out more information on the Events page of the Moon + Stone.
You can find more information at the Psychic Wellness Expo.
Saturday, October 26th, 12p-5p
Tarot Readings with Angie
The Crystal Tree, 144 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108
Come join me at the Crystal Tree in Haddon Township, NJ, from 12-5p, where I will be doing tarot readings all day. Just in time for Samhain and Halloween. I'll be doing modified Celtic Cross readings, 20 minutes for $25. It is a great way to check in with the energies around you during this season. You can find out more about this event by contacting Michelle at or me at This event is filling up fast, so call or email for an appointment.


The Moon + Stone Healing offers bath salts for chakra  immersion baths that include crystals, aromatherapy, and dead sea salts to help you soothe  an unbalanced chakra. We sell pendulums, crystals, medicine crafting, and other mojo bags to help you soothe what ails you. The Moon + Stone Healing offers crystal healing jewelry for every chakra and need. They are gorgeous as well as reiki-ed for your healing. Wear your healing, and feel the difference in your day. Check out our shop at the moon + stone healing studio.
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