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Dear Loves,

The Tarot deals with nearly all aspects of our lives in its symbols and imagery. Tarot archetypes and symbols, after over 100 years in existence, are kind of burned into the collective consciousness and labeled--good or bad. Perfect examples of this are the cards everyone seems to know of the Tarot--Devil and Death, or the Tower and Ten of Swords. Maybe less so with the Five of Cups, but I think it is one of those cards that people look at and think they know exactly what it means (and it doesn't look good!) These cards strike fear into the hearts of people who come for a Tarot reading. I face it so often with the person in front of me. before I even start a reading, I usually ask if they've had a Tarot reading, and they tell me no, but they don't want the Death card. Then they may admit that they are nervous or afraid. 


What they are really afraid of, I've ascertained from my years of Tarot reading, is that I am going to tell them about their death, or the death of someone close to them. I've had people outright ask me if I can see their death. I have never seen that, nor do I want to. Spirit knows this about my reading and maybe blocks this information from me. More likely, though, it is simply that Tarot doesn't DO that, and neither do psychics. So often, the fear around mortality or fear about the loss of our loved one IS the issue in and of itself. So bringing those fears into the light, talking about them with a Reader or other psychic, they can actually help alleviate those fears.

Truth is, in Tarot, these symbols have little to nothing to do with actual deaths, or being possessed as people fear with the Devil, rather these cards are us navigating through this mortal coil, facing challenges we already know. As some already know, most of the most disturbing cards of the Tarot are about enlightenment, spiritual growth, and emotional opening. From the sacred to the profane and all the gunk in between, Tarot shows us normal life events--marriage, babies, graduation from school, work troubles, love, friendship, and of course grief and loss. This week, I discussed the Five of Cups, or as it is traditionally called the Grief Card. Again and again, Tarot shows us these images of loss--loss of work, losing a battle, losing our cool, losing a home, losing a relationship, losing a person we love dearly. When someone pulls the Five of Cups for example, they tend to know exactly what grief they are grappling with. Spirit helps validate, rather than predestine, our feelings of grief. When we fear for the loss of someone, what are we feeling? Often the fear of being alone. The Grief card can come when we grieve the way we wanted life to be instead of the way it is turning out.

I understand how all this psychic business and reading cards can feel like fortune telling, but the reason I call my sessions spiritual counseling sessions is that we are trying to get to the underlying energy and heart of the matter or question, and really go deeper than what is going to happen as a matter of Fate or Destiny. I don't know if Fate and Destiny actually exist. It is not that Tarot never predicts--it often does. It is simply not my point as a Tarot reader. I really want to help my client grow and learn, assist with soul work. I think we have soul lessons to learn in each life, as well as karma we carry from other lives, and challenges in each lifetime to learn or grow spiritually. Often, we hear these soul path as one simple word--we may be here to learn vulnerability, or compassion, or about suffering. I don't think these are complicated ideas, but we learn them through our daily existence and struggles. So, in Tarot readings, we are tapping into our Higher Self and part of the wisdom of our life here. We are uncovering reasons why and ways to move forward in your spiritual growth.

I urge all my Tarot students, and now I urge you, to not use any terms of judgment when reading for someone or for yourself--nothing is good or bad. It may be challenging, or deeply entwined with Shadow, but it is generally already part of your life. They simply may be failing to recognize it and label it by its proper name. Often, when I begin to talk about the issues arising, the Seeker knows full well what all these cards mean. Tarot helps them see the importance of something they ignored. Spirit is not here to punish you with dark cards, neither is Tarot. I admit that I used to feel that way when I was reading for myself. But particularly as we open more spiritually, we are asked to be more and more impeccable with our words and actions. We are asked to embody those qualities we profess, and so if we can not take the Tarot or Spirit personally, we can see that what feels like remonstrations are actually just good sound guidance and honesty. Our Shadow selves, or the part of us that have been hurt or damaged, emerges as my teacher Pixie Campbell says, as a "filter between mind and Spirit." It often tells us that honest assessment is a judgment or a punishment, when really it is simply stating a fact. We filter it through our childhoods of criticisms, abuse, shame and punishment. But if we let our Spiritual Selves open in a session, we can hear what we need to hear for our Highest Good.

So, as Tarot Readers, our job in many ways is to help Spirit delivers messages to the Seeker that helps them on their spiritual journey, helps them overcome any karma they are here to clear, and push them to grow into the person they themselves want to be. I think we have all been in a reading where someone says something vaguely offensive to us. It is offensive, because we are attached to that idea of ourselves, or it may be a truth we are unwilling to look at. My friend Jess always laughs about a psychic who told me that I was destined to be a "Soccer Mom." And you know what, I AM A SOCCER MOM! I am also a crystal healer and intuitive. But that part of me, the soccer mom part of me, is so important and beautiful. It informs my spiritual work, and it forces me to practice all my beliefs in all my affairs. Would I be a good psychic if I screamed at my children, and never took them to soccer practice? No, I would not. So, that message to me started out with resistance ("But I am so much more than a soccer mom!!") and turned into a beautiful message for me about my spiritual path as a mother.

As some of you know, a few months ago, my family moved to Central Pennsylvania, and we are now in the process of settling and moving into our "fingers crossed" forever home. We are accepting any prayers, love, and healing you are offering during this transition. Though my goal is to keep writing blogs and newsletters, there also may be some silent moments in the next few weeks. I will pick up full steam ahead when we are settled. Until then, you can reach me always via email at
Much love to all,

psychic protection

In this quite long blog post at the Moon + Stone Healing, I cover a question from a reader. I also included a video I made of a psychic protection technique along with a ton of tips on how to protect yourself. Here's the question:

Hi Angie!
So happy I found your site today! I am in need of your help. I recently had a reading done, this lady was amazing and was right on about everything. However, she told me that a really good "friend" of mine..actually someone I consider to be my best friend was sending me MAJOR negative energy, had ill feelings towards me, is jealous of me and does not want me to succeed. This friend of mine is VERY negative I know it, she knows it and one of the reasons I went to this reading was because I was feeling very down, negative, depressed have no motivation to finish school am trying to find my purpose in life and am always down on myself, I've never felt this badly. I know black tourmaline will help me of this, just wanted to know if you have any extra advice..I will continue stalking your site now! lol..
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five of cups

The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God! ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

So, in talking about the Five of Cups, let's talk about Fives in general.Fives in the Tarot have a reputation as being rather, ahem, challenging. We talked about it a few weeks ago with the Five of Wands. They are cards of upheaval, action, and change. Again, it is your view of change that really affects how to look at Fives. As Cups deal with emotions and love, the Five of Cups is about upheaval of our emotions. Our cups are spilled over, as is represented by the fallen cups with red wine flowing into Mother Earth. That red wine looks suspiciously like blood, and right it should, we often feel like we are bleeding and traumatized by loss. There is a black cloaked person, head down, clearly crying. He or she is in traditional mourning clothes, and behind this figure runs a river with a bridge, and into a town...continue reading at the Moon + Stone healing.
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