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Dear Angie,

Tonight, we welcome in the energy of August's abundant Corn Moon. The Corn Moon, so named by the Native Americans of Northeastern United States who harvested corn by this moon. It is called the Sturgeon Moon by the Native Americans tribes around the Great Lakes, when sturgeon were most plentiful. Tonight's full moon is also considered a Blue Moon, because it is the fourth in this season (usually there are only three) most auspicious for spiritual work around intuition, psychic development, and third eye issues. But maybe more important is the pagan name given to this month's full moon, the Dispute Moon. 

More than one of my clients has emailed me in the last two weeks and asked, "What gives? I'm usually so agreeable, but it has all been chaos and drama around me. My patience is short. I am arguing more. Is this a moon thing?"
First of all, as the full moon grows in power and strength, so do we and so do our intentions. You can see the moon as a time when we mirror the phase, so we are slowly growing, meaning our intentions we set at the new moon, begin to grow and take shape, gaining in strength. When the moon is full, we see the fruits of our labors. We are full illuminated. Our strengths, as well as our weaknesses, and most importantly, the things no longer serving us and our Highest Good.
So, I know you are wondering why so many of you are feeling the hotness of anger at this time. The August Full Moon earns the name the Dispute Moon, because its energy is one of flushing out all that anger and dispute in your life. It is to prepare us for the introspective work of the long Fall and Winter. It is your choice, though, whether the Dispute resides internally, or externally. When we are setting intentions, or just being mindful about our spiritual and emotional growth, we need to be mindful of all that is raised in us without judgment. For intention setting, we often have a period of agitation. Things get shaken up in us. And those things tend to be the things that are no longer serving us. But they don't sort of present themselves in a nice bundle to go burn, we experience them. The jealousy. The anger. The self-criticism. Those things that stand in the way of our Higher Self and soul path. This is the time, when we feel most uncomfortable with our own behavior, feelings and reactions that we need to get curious. What is this? Why is this?
It is a time for taking inventory. When we take inventory, we do not say we have "One Sinful Can of Corn" or "Three Ungrateful Packages of Pasta," rather we just count them, write them on our list, then toss out that have expired, or the things no longer useful in our pantry. So, this moon asks you to acknowledge, sit with, and feel the energy you need to release. Make no judgment about it. Just sit with it. Recognize how it once served you well.
With this Dispute Moon, it is often anger that arises, and disputes that have long been simmering may come to a full boil. Most of us have had the experience of anger being the front emotion to more vulnerable emotions, like hurt, betrayal, fear, grief, anxiety, even, hunger. Anger served us at some point, it helped us create distance from more vulnerable emotions, maybe even fear from our own mortality. But anger causes all kinds of physical ailments, social problems, interpersonal strife. As Pema Chodron says, anger is so uncomfortable an emotion, we lash out at others, just to change the experience into something we can deal with. So, this Dispute Moon asks you to watch the dispute in you as an observer. Acknowledge that anger, for example, served you at some point in your life. It helped you learn to see yourself as deserving of love. Or it helped you make necessary changes about people in your life. But now, it is no longer serving, and it is the time to release it.
But the real work is to figure out what got agitated in you. And what the anger is really masking within you. When I work with clients through my Moon Cycle Coaching, we begin that hard work of manifesting our dreams through ritual and medicine bundle crafting, we also conduct rituals to release those obstacles blocking us from our goal. It is no mistake that the deity most associated with August is Ganesha, the Beautiful Remover of Obstacles. Obstacles always arise when we set intentions and actively work to manifest our dreams. In fact, that IS the work of manifestation. We can use affirmations and intention-setting and vision board, but the work comes in when we actively work to remove those character defects no longer serving our best and highest good. The Full Moon is the time to release all those blockages from your intention, because we need to make room for our dreams. We call in Ganesh as the Remover of Obstacles, to help us remove the obstruction to our own happiness.
Tonight, I urge you to take your crystals into the Blue Moon light, bath them with her wisdom and energy. And when you do, look up and reflect on the past moon cycle. What disputes have arisen within you? Around you? What do you want to release? Spend some moments thinking about that, and use the energy of this moon, draw her energy down and into you, call these disputes by their proper names, be curious about them, then release all dispute, so your harvest may be peaceful and gentle.

Tarot of the Week

This week's Tarot card comes at an auspicious time, when the August full moon, the Corn Moon, reaches her full glory this evening. When we track moon cycles with intention-setting or rather align our spiritual work with moon cycles, the full moon is time when our intentions are being birthed, the moon representing the full pregnant belly of the our intention. In the trinity of goddess-based spirituality, represented by the three moon cycles of waxing, full, waning moon, the full center moon represents the mother, while the other two represent the maiden and the crone respectively...continue reading


My sister and I began collecting stones and crystals when we were young girls. My first stone was a lapis lazuli, and my sister's first stone was malachite. They were the two stones we first held, and talked to, and whose vibration we resonated with. Malachite's rich green color felt earthy, homey, protective, but I admit that the name alone, mal- as its prefix, made me imagine its qualities as more sinister in nature. (Cue maniacal laughter and creepy organ.)  But the mal comes from the Greek either for soft (malakos), which makes sense with a Moh's hardness of 3.5, or resembling the mallow plant (malache), but with no evil intent ...continued.


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Wednesday, August 21

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