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We know it's terrible timing but we need your help... actually we just need your money ;). The boss has a side hustle as an essential worker delivering face masks but they’re desperate for more fabric so the 30+ volunteer sewers can keep up with production. If you can spare a few dollars that would be pretty awesome...

Who looks after the Business Owner during a Pandemic?

An article by Fiona Lysaght - Director of Culture, Devcich&Co.

Hopefully by now you’ve supported your team through the transition of COVID-19 and now they are stepping in to alleviate pressure and support you with genuine understanding and compassion. They’ve learnt this from you, as you have supported them throughout the good times and now into the bad. If this is the case for you, congratulations, Take what you and your team have, bottle it, stick a label on it, and you’ll be able to sell it to the world.


Now it’s time to ask yourself, how are you being supported as the owner of your business? Do you feel you have concrete plans going forward? Are you in touch with how other business owners are leading their teams? Have you been able to really open up, free of judgement and bias to discuss the issues at hand?

The reality is that these conversations aren’t been readily had and many business owners are feeling a lack of support and connection. If this is you, I have a step by step plan.



Plan B:

  • Accept that you are going to make some mistakes. There’s no manual for this stuff, so be prepared to learn as you go.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of this on you. But remember that you are not alone, and although some business owners look like they have it all figured out, they don’t!  On that note I also encourage you to think of someone you know who is hurting in business and see if you can help in any way. Pay it forward!
It feels like you have little control in your business right now and you’re waiting for Jacinda or COVID-19 to make the next plan for you. For many of us the feeling of having that control taken away will probably be the worst part. It’s difficult to wait for someone to act or something to happen before we can make decisions. I encourage you to take control where you can. It’s your company and many of the choices still remain for you to make; no one (and no virus) can take this away from you.

Last but not least, we shouldn’t take this out on our loved ones. We might find ourselves doing this more than we should, because sometimes it’s all a bit too much. In these instances, we should make the effort to apologise for our behaviour - best to do this or the family might push us out of the bubble and then we’ll have homelessness to add to our troubles! 

In summary, it’s simple (not that simple); talk to good people, be honest, accept there will be mistakes made, and be nice to the people in your bubble. And continue to be brave! We’re not through this shit storm yet, but with the right attitude we can make this easier on ourselves.


If you’d like help managing the culture of your business during the covid crisis, contact Fiona directly on 029 261 0707

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