June 2019
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Dear MitOst Community, 

we all want to feel connected – to ourselves, to our famlies and friends, to our neighbourhood and working environment. It's all about connections, and how to shape, co-create and strengthen them. Many people in our network use arts and culture as a bridge: to make people stop, look, wonder and (re)connect.

With this second edition of MitOst’s community newsletter, we invite you to explore some of the innovative, creative and simple ways to connect civil society and arts, how to make young people feel connected by being actively engaged, or how to bring life to old buildings and connect the local community.

MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network in Europe and its neighbouring regions. We encourage activities and implement programmes which foster cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development – beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders.

Enjoy the inspiration and connect with (y)our community!

Your MitOst Team, 
Joice Biazoto and Laura Werling (editorial team)

Stop, look and wonder – Exploit Civic Arts in Budapest 

The International MitOst Festival in Budapest will use civic arts as a bridging format to push connections and to improve relations between arts and civil society sector. We spoke to Pro Progressione's Barna Petrányi about the arts and activism scene in Budapest. Read more.

Mosta9Bali – My Future in Tunesia

At a crucial moment in his life, Hamed had to make a decision: to look for a job to support his family, or take a chance on a new youth programme that would help him grow and engage. He took the chance, and it changed his life, he says. Read more.

Tek Bunkeri: Meeting Point Bunker

If you live or travel in Albania you have seen them everywhere. If not, you´ve probably heard of them anyhow. The Albanian bunkers became famous over the past years. Tek Bunkeri turns these abandoned military facilities into common spaces or community-based social businesses.  Read more.

Working in a team? Here's how

to organise, strategise, scale and have impact. The Toolbox is made for civil society actors in small and grassroots organisations, initiatives, and informal groups, and particularly for civil society actors without access to the resources of a metropolitan city.  From A to Z: Tools for Citizens 
People, Places and Projects to know
Picture by Alexander Chekmenev. sistersofeurope

Sisters of Europe

Elena Maslova spent most of her adult life operating an underground iron ore mine hoist in Kryviy Ryh, central Ukraine. She also defends workers rights and is an active member of the miner’s trade union. Elena is one of 17 sheroes – famous and unknown, young and old, miners and politicians, sharing a common goal: to change things.
Sisters of Europe wants to shed light on new voices, new faces and new vision to document where women stand in today’s Europe.

Read her story here!


Get to know Evgeniya Sayko, who recently developed the format demoSlam after co-funding Science Slams in Russia. What do Germans and Russians understand by democracy, freedom or human rights? At demoSlam, young Germans and Russians discuss differences and similarities of abstract concepts such as democracy or patriotism. In German-Russian couples, the "slammers" present their individual views in everyday life and engage with the audience.
Read more in German and Russian.


Ассоциация российских тренеров 

is a professional community of trainers, facilitators of non-formal education from different regions of Russia sharing at their events, tools, methods and stories. They just published a project Management Guide for Educators in Russian:

Проектный менеджмент:
руководство к действию для педагогов.

Rethink nationalism!

12 video clips exploring the challenges of belonging in Europe. The debate surrounding nationalism often grabs hold of the right to belong and to exclude, particularly in Europe. This series explores this topic as part of an interactive open online course by Migration Matters, who empower the public to have more nuanced and evidence-based conversations about migration with bite-sized video courses that complicate commonly held preconceptions with original ideas, research, and solutions-oriented perspectives. Watch!

Watch the story of Candace Hetchler

Candace helps youth take their first step towards engaging in active citizenship. In the Egytian programme Khatwa, youth find a community and learn that small actions can, taken all together, create larger actions that lead to significant change. One participant project team used street theater in their village to raise awareness about female genital mutilation, leading the governor of the village to take a stand and women to raise their own voices against the practice. Watch her story here!
MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network in Europe and its neighbouring regions. We encourage activities and implement programmes which foster cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development - beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders. Find more information about at at 

With our MitOst Community Newsletter we like to share inspiring stories, learnings and methods as well as people and places you might want to know and visit from our community. We plan to share our Newsletter four times a year with you. Each time we invite you to explore another topic and some of the awesome work our community is doing. The next issue will focus on Active Citizenship.

We hope to inspire you and your activities, connect you to makers and activists, explorers and pioneers! 
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