November 2019
Dear MitOst Community, 

Climate change is in all ears, on all agendas, all over the internet and tellies. And with it comes the big word: sustainability. Either as ordinary people or as leaders, as citizens, parents or activists, as business women or start-up founders, as urban planners or as farmers, as project coordinators or artists: we understand sustainability quite differently and broadly, with all it various facettes. It matters on all levels of our lives.

So, how can we reflect on and change our impact? How can we start and make the change we wish to see in the world, and live in a more responsible and sustainable way? Not by pointing with fingers on others, but by understanding, reflecting and starting to change our everyday life practices and routines, our habits and ways of thinking.

With this third edition of our community newsletter, we invite you to read and reflect on sustainability. And we start the discussion by sharing our own challenges we have at MitOst, our questions, concerns and doubts: as organisation and as ordinary people. We share some innovative, creative and simple ways to practise sustainability in our everyday life. 

Enjoy the inspiration, and let's start little by little to create a better world! 

Your Editorial Team, 
Sara Dutch, Sebastian Wehrsig, Joice Biazoto and Laura Werling
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Tune in to our MitOst Sustainability Talk and find out what sustainability means for members of our Berlin office.

We are on the Way:
Sustainability Practices at MitOst

Sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes surprising and there are moments of inspiration. We would like to share some of our sustainable practices with you. Read more.
Photo captured by Hannah Goldstein

We need to change the system 

Greta Thunberg, 16, is a Swedish climate activist. In December 2018, her speech at the UN Climate Change Summit in Poland made international headlines after she criticised world leaders for their inaction. Barbara Majsa met Greta Thunberg for the project Sisters of Europe.  Read more. 

Our alternative in Armenia: Boo Alt House

EcoLab cares a lot about sustainability. They have been doing projects on active citizenship and sustainable development for years. Yet the team was critical of themselves: renting hotels for seminars, explaining values about catering and local, seasonal and vegetarian food, or using spaces knowing especially female workers were being exploited by long working hours and low wages. So they had the idea of creating a space according to their own vision and running it by their own rules. Read more.

The City as Ecosystem

How can thinking of, learning from and working with nature benefit our urban change work? Ania Rok from URBACT shares her thoughts on nature-based solutions and their value in community-based collaborative projects.  
Read more.

 Reading List : Sustainability Staff Picks

MitOst Staff share their most interesting reads, postcasts, methods and apps around the topic of sustainability.  Read more. 
People, Places and Projects to know

Aegean Rebreath

Our seas, so very precious and vital to our survival, are suffocating. Only through a continuous collective effort can we succeed in giving life back to the priceless richness of our seas. Aegean Rebreath was founded with a primary goal to help Greek seas breathe again through the collection, recycling and upcycling of marine litter along with the adoption of a new culture by all of us on the severe waste management chapter.  Cleaning – Upcycling – Educating!


People all around the world have been experiencing new tourism trends both in urban and rural contexts. A need for creative space and co-creation has been born with these new forms of tourism. CREATOUR aims to develop a sustainable creative tourism sector to boost tourism in small cities and rural areas as well as to contribute meaningfully to local cultural vibrancy and holistic development in pilot communities. Read more.

An Historical Break on the Lycian Way

The Culture Route Society, which manages walking routes in Turkey, awarded funds for a project to create women’s cooperative society in small villages on the existing long-distance walking route – the Lycian Way. Tandem Turkey alumnus Hüseyin Eryurt and Kate Clow from CRS offer us a closer look at their project ‘A Historical Break on the Lycian Way: Empowering Village Women Along the Lycian Way in Southern Turkey’ and share the various stages of the project. Read more.


innovation community eco hacking the future

POC21 is an international innovation community that started as an innovation camp. The camp brought together 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks. Late summer 2015, they joined forces in a stunning french castle to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society to overcome the destructive consumer culture and make open-source, sustainable products the new normal. 12 sustainable lifestyle technologies were developed: POC21.

18th International MitOst Festival

We are looking forward to seeing you next year in Moldova! We will team up with our dear friends from EcoVisio to celebrate the MitOst Festival in Chișinău and in Riscova. Sustainability will be one of our buzzwords!
And with it we accept the challenge to minimise our ecological footprint. Those of you who already have ideas, contacts or suggestions for us, please get in touch with us via e-mail festival(at)
Read more.

Watch the Story of Eliza Mamaliga

Liza Mamaliga is founder of the beekeeping social enterprise Dulce Plai and former coordinator of Harap Alb (Hai Club) in Moldova. As a coordinator, Liza witnessed first hand how youth in rural areas can take initiative and impact their communities. Harap Alb kids take responsibility for their future and the future of their villages. Watch the story here!
MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network in Europe and its neighbouring regions. We encourage activities and implement programmes which foster cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban and rural development - beyond cultural, sectoral or linguistic borders. Find more information about at at 

With our MitOst Community Newsletter we like to share inspiring stories, learnings and methods as well as people and places you might want to know and visit from our community. We plan to share our Newsletter four times a year with you. Each time we invite you to explore another topic and some of the awesome work our community is doing. The next issue will focus on Active Citizenship.

We hope to inspire you and your activities, connect you to makers and activists, explorers and pioneers! 
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