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August 2022 Edition 
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Every month we round up the latest career tips, insights and job opportunities from our multi-platform network of Black and Brown media organizations. 

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The Back-to-School Grind:
How to Balance Journalism while Parenting

Hello, this week from Leonor Ayala Polley, head of URL's recruitment practice. I am just back from a lovely five-week trip with my kids. It is back-to-school time which means the start of new routines and schedules, but this can be equal parts exhilarating and daunting for many working parents. So we turned to Ellen Lee, an independent journalist, mom of three, and the co-founder of The Parenting Journalists Society, to help us ease into our back-to-school routines. As a working mom of two, I found so many gems in our conversation. 

Leonor Ayala, Chief, Business Dev. & Partnerships, URL Media: I am so excited to talk to you! You co-founded the Parenting Journalists Society with fellow journalists Katherine Reynolds Lewis and Kelly Glass. Why is it needed now? 

Ellen Lee, co-founder of The Parenting Journalists Society, writer, and children’s book author: The Parenting Journalists Society came together during the pandemic. We wanted to create a community where parents and caregivers could form connections and feel supported during a challenging period. We are also intentionally intersectional because most parenting sites and content skew white. 

We also center and fully embrace freelancers and the freelance life. Most writers focused on parenting are freelancers because that’s just how the parenting beat has existed within media organizations. We serve our members through an annual conference where we share productivity hacks, how to pitch stories as a freelance writer, and how to brand and market yourself – and we offer these workshops throughout the year too! And we also do deep dives on the parenting beat. For example, as a group, we will tackle topics like how are we framing the conversation around teen mental health?  

And lastly and almost more importantly, we are a group that affirms we are inspired by our kids but not defined by our kids.
Leonor: Wow. I love that so much and wish this group existed eons ago when I had my firstborn. So many of us are gearing up for back to school or are in the throes of the first few weeks of school – a joyous time for parents of school-aged children! That said, it can be challenging to navigate the breaking news demands of a journalism career with the demands of kids. What have you learned that you want to share with the rest of us? 

Ellen: I don’t cover breaking news anymore for the simple reason that you can’t control breaking news. Now many journalists balance the demands of a breaking news career with parenting, and I would say that no matter what type of work you do, SUPPORT is key! 

  • Identify a support system: What do I mean by that? We have all heard “it takes a village,” which is so true. You need a support network of people who will help care for your child. And I understand it is a privilege, but I don’t see any other way around it.
  • Setting boundaries: It is an everyday struggle for me but knowing that I have set aside a chunk of time for work and another for my kids is really important and helpful. Typically, when my kids are home from school I am not as engaged with work. It is a constant juggle and takes practice and intention. 
  • Establish priorities and the power of no: As I set boundaries, it is also about setting priorities. I can not work on all the things. I am part of the team, and even as a freelancer, I still contribute to a more significant effort. There are some stories that I would love to cover, but I have to say no to them.
Leonor: While back-to-school can be a great relief for many working parents, it can also be a time of great stress. Balancing the onslaught of school emails, volunteer sign-ups, and events coupled with work demands can be a little jarring in those first few weeks. What are some parting words as we embark on this new academic year?

Ellen: Forgive yourself! Be kind to yourself. You should accept that there are days when your attention will not be 100 percent with your kids or work. You need to remember that sometimes things will slip! Sometimes you will miss a school event to finish a story, and sometimes you will pass on a story to attend that school function. Go easy on yourself! It is a constant rebalancing and realignment –and a struggle. 

Lastly, an excellent supportive boss who gets it is so crucial! I hope that if we learned one thing from Covid is that, it is possible to do remote work and it is possible to be flexible.

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