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Friday, March 4, 2022
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 What We're Talking About

Photo by Mike Lovett, courtesy of Brandeis University.

Hello, Friend:

Perhaps there’s no better person than Anita Hill to actually tell us how far we’ve come. 

1991 wasn’t that long ago, after all. That was the year Hill testified before the all-white, male Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by then Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, as she detailed allegations of sexual harassment against Supreme Court justice nominee Clarence Thomas.

This week, Hill wrote an opinion essay for URL Media where she shared what it means for a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. She lauds Ketanji Brown Jackson's credentials and also the possibility she will represent by serving on the court. URL cofounder Sara Lomax-Reese also interviewed Hill about her thoughts. Read the essay in full, and listen to the interview. 

Listen (or read) for three important moments in this conversation: 

  1. Has Joe Biden evolved since 1991? "I would like to think so. But whatever it is, and however it has happened, that is what I'm focusing on," Hill said. "In my lifetime, I can see two glass ceilings broken, one political and one legal."
  2. Why did the Black community turn against Hill when she testified against Thomas? "There was a real denial in the community of the sexual abuse and harassment of Black women," she said. "They bought into the idea that Black women weren't as vulnerable or that they weren't as worthy of being heard and taken care of and protected against this behavior. I've come to understand that as a defense because we have dealt so many years with racism. 
  3. Has the community evolved? "Mike Tyson was accused of rape and the Black community, including Black ministers, rallied around him. ...five years later, when he was released from prison, there was a planned parade for him and Black women stood up and said, ‘He should not return as a hero.’ I think that was a moment. It took five years of us telling our stories and bearing witness to our own experiences and the experiences of others to move us in the direction."

Again, you can read or listen here

Uplift. Respect. Love


 Uplifting our Communities 

Chinatown rallies against proposed “mega jail”: In 2017, former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio committed to closing Rikers island, Epicenter–NYC reports the solution entailed building four new jail facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. The largest being in Manhattan's Chinatown, with plans to build a 40-story prison requiring construction until 2027.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Educators Are Ready to Strike: Sahan Journal reports that teachers and educational support professionals are working more, but still face financial struggles and lack of support to help sustain their well-being as pay and mental health support services haven't increased.
ICE is Abandoning Asylum Seekers at a Remote Bus Station in Buffalo, New York: Documented reports that for years ICE has been dropping off migrants, many of whom are asylum seekers, to a rural Citgo gas station in Buffalo, New York.  Migrants are left with no money or food and in many cases these migrants are hundreds of miles away from their families or loved ones.

Journalists in Latin America have raised concern about the uptick in journalists being murdered: palabra. reports that the death toll among journalists in Mexico is on the rise, and that doesn't include those who are missing. With little support from the government or politicians, reporters are put in a precarious position when reporting on their communities. 


 Respecting & Honoring Arts & Culture 

Wisconsin Public Library Commemorates Indigenous Storytelling: Native News Online reported that the Madison Public Library in Wisconsin kicked off its 2022 live public programming with an exhibit called "Thrival Tools: Indigenous Winter Survival and Brilliance."

 Centering Love 

Celebrating Haitian women from across the spectrum: In honor of Women's History Month, our partner The Haitian Times highlights the diverse spectrum of women in Haiti. Sharing their backgrounds, careers, and lifestyles–all with a common goal "to make a positive impact as they move through the world."

 What We're Loving This Week From Our Partners 

ICYMI  Native News Online's second episode of its three-part livestream series, “Indian Boarding School Discussions.” The livestream explores the repatriation of the children who died at Indian boarding schools as well as the necessary healing needed to overcome the intergenerational trauma associated with these experiences.
Brandeis University professor Anita Hill  and URL Media co-founder Sara Lomax-Reese discuss her exclusive opinion piece for URL Media. The wide-ranging interview touched on Hill's determination to testify before the 1991 Senate Judiciary Committee and how that led to the impactful work she does today. Hill also detailed why Ketanji Brown Jackson's SCOTUS nomination signals progress.
Whose Gold? Black landowners played a profound role in California's Gold Rush but like much of Black history their contributions have since been erased. Journalists from palabra. reexamined their roles in the gold rush and highlighted what we didn't know.
Scalawag hosted an Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) roundtable on violence and accountabilityDiscussing everything from the legacy of HBCUs as both safe havens and targets. Tackling topics like being a current HBCU student, shifting the narrative about HBCUs, the Black communities surrounding them and holding the institutions accountable for on-campus violence.

 The URLs on URL 

Anita Hill’s exclusive opinion essay was a huge ‘get’ for URL Media. Hill's opinion essay, and URL Media, were featured in BloombergHarpers BazaarVanity Fair and People just to mention a few. 

A big congrats to URL Media cofounder, S. Mitra Kalita for being named as one of 2021's Women to Watch by the International Women's Media Fund. 

URL Media Events 

The Laura Flanders Show: Once a month, you can catch URL Media on The Laura Flanders Show on select PBS stations for a conversation that centers the stories, issues and concerns that our BIPOC media partners are following. Click here to check your local TV listing.  Here’s how you can watch our latest.

 Our Founders 

Sara Lomax-Reese, CEO of WURD Radio, media entrepreneur for almost 30 years, served as Program Lead for the inaugural Facebook BIPOC Sustainability Accelerator and is currently a JSK Fellow.
S. Mitra Kalita, former SVP at CNN Digital, current CEO & Publisher at Kalita Mukul Creative Inc., which publishes Epicenter-NYC, The Unmuted and The Escape Home, has worked at The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and has launched brands like Mint and Quartz.


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