Meet my friend and fellow author, Cindy Marsch!
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Hello, Readers. 

As a reader, I love introducing new fiction to fellow book lovers (almost as much I enjoy reading). And I'm assuming that since you're subscribed to my mailing list, you're also a fan of historical fiction. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Cindy Marsch, author of Rosette, a historical fiction novel participating in Amazon's Kindle Scout campaign.

What is Kindle Scout?

Kindle Scout invites readers to help choose new books for publication by sampling excerpts and nominating their favorites. If you nominate a book and it is chosen by Kindle Press, you will receive a free copy! After three weeks in the campaign, Rosette has been in the Hot & Trending list for 96% of the time, and it has over 1700 views by interested readers. 

To read the first few chapters of Rosette and connect with Cindy Rinaman Marsch, please visit the campaign page here.

As always, thank you for reading.
M.L. Gardner 

P.S. Did I mention the FREE book???


Why did she edit her wedding day journal?
When almost-spinster schoolteacher Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell met Otis Churchill on a Michigan farm in 1856, she thought he might be the one. Her real-life journal tells what happened over the next two years. History tells what happened over the next six decades.The novel explores the truth.
In the novel we meet Rosette in 1888 as she revises a crucial page of her 1850s journal, then we live the journal's entries in the voices of Rosette and others around her. In careful detail, this novel by Cindy Rinaman Marsch traces how we both choose and suffer our destiny, how hopes that have come to naught can rise from the wreckage.

Readers of M.L. Gardner's 1929 series know what it is to be plunged into another era, to recognize our common human experiences in another reality. My mother found a small journal in a second-hand shop and passed it on to me, saying, "You should write this story." I was moved, too, as I read Rosette's entries of 1856-58 and began finding clues in historical records--births, deaths, marriages, and divorces. Even more flooded into my heart as I stood on her farmland last summer and saw the house built soon after the journal closes. Reading Rosette's story--a novel grounded in reality--affirms for all of us the value of seemingly-insignificant lives that have slipped into history.
**If you read the full excerpt at the Kindle Scout site and want to know what happens next for Rosette, please sign up for the Readers List by visiting or by sending an email to . Your welcome note will include a link to an additional chapter, "Fires," about Rosette meeting her husband Otis. (If you'd rather not read any further just now, please sign up for the Readers List in any case, for updates and future bonuses. No spoilers will be displayed in the welcome message. Thank you!)
"Rosette is a remarkable work, a tale well-spun. With every successive wave of joy and sorrow, loss and longing, regret and resolve, broken hearts and healing hearts, readers will be swept into this powerful story and its intimately drawn cast of characters."
---George Grant, author of The Courage and Character of Theodore Roosevelt and many other titles

"I sat enthralled as I read and couldn't put the novel down. It recalls the work of Willa Cather or Laura Ingalls Wilder with the wonderful details of Rosette's day-to-day life in the structure of the journal. The style just suits the subject, with an impressive capturing of the 19th-century voices."
---Joy O'Toole, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Virginia 
CONNECT WITH HER  - The novel's website, with entries from Rosette's journal
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