Within this months newsletter we would like to mention our wonderful onsite school Destiny Bridge Academy, who proudly provide education to all at K.C.C and those within the local community! We have celebrated many successes through our academy and seen our students move onto further education, however we would like to bring your attention not to our achievements, but to areas where we need your support! Currently we have incomplete roof construction of the school dining hall, it is understandably the local governments requirements that request schools have fully equipped halls for safe and hygienic dining environments. We would like to create an opportunity for you to donate a gift this Christmas to help us finish our roof construction, that we may continue to provide excellent educational facilities and safe environments for our beloved school children! Should you wish to help us, please give online and notify our office of your donation!
We are excited to announce preparations for the UK Destiny Africa Tour are well under way! The Choir will be touring their UK show 'Inspire Africa' the 10th March till the mid June, there will also be a flamboyant Gala Dinner Evening (March 22nd, West Midlands) held in aid of K.C.C where the choir giving a special performance! Currently we are in need of transport, drivers, corporate sponsorship and retired teachers for the tour, should you wish to volunteer, host the choir or attend the Gala Dinner Evening please contact our UK tour manager or register your interest.
We hope you are as excited as we are!

Don't forget to look out for Destiny Africa’s new website coming online soon!


Kampala Children's Centre is a project of NDE- Network registered Charity in UK No.1111488