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Where has the year gone?
Airlines are on sale now. Remember the early bird.....
Italian wine - why is it so good and why doesn't it give you a headache?
Where is Chianti?
Best review ever for our Ciao Bella Women's Tour to Italy.
The Best Tour of Italy - Rome, Amalfi and Tuscany Tour.
Greece is amazing and should be on everyone's perfect travel destination list.
Is an Italian Indulgence Tour for you?

It's nearly the end of October!  Can you believe the year has slipped by so quickly?

Our last group tours for 2014 are now over and we are busily planning our tours for next year. Customised tours run all year round so if our dates don't suit for that Italian dream holiday, maybe one of our customised tours will be just what you want.
Qatar airlines - great flight times to Athens - on sale now
Booking flights early is always a great idea as not only will you be sure of the best price but also the best connections (a quicker flight).

There are so many good airlines flying into Rome - Emirates, Singapore, Etihad, Qatar etc.

Qatar airlines and Etihad are super quick into Athens - usually around only 20 hours from Australia.  Of course from the US and Canada it is much quicker - lucky you.
If you are thinking about joining us in incredible Italy or amazing Greece next year, you should start planning now. Our tours are filling fast and best of all - the airlines are on sale! There are some amazing flight deals out at the moment.

Check with your travel agent for airline sales but if you don't have your own agent, we know some great ones.
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Italy and Italian Wine

Have you tried Italian wines?

On all of our tours we stay in the centre of the Chianti wine growing area (which is situated in Tuscany).  It's here where we have an association with a small winery, Monterinaldi, and most of our groups experience a wonderful wine tour and lunch in the ancient winery villa .  Fabrizio does a great job in explaining why Chianti wine is special, why it definitely doesn't give you a headache and why he thinks we should all be drinking it.

Monterinaldi is a small producer so you probably won't see their wine in your local retailer. That's the great thing about a small group tour, you sample and taste something that you definitely wouldn't back home.

Why don't you get a headache from Italian wines?  
Italian wines have less sulphites (sulphur is used as a preservative for the wine).
Do you know where Chianti is?
                                          Chianti is the area between Florence and Siena (in light green)
Ciao Bella Tour September 2014

Such lovely ladies and wonderful travelling companions.  The weather was crazy for September, most unusual, and we did have a few damp days but that didn't stop us. We cooked up a storm in Positano with Salvatore, visited the Vatican with a special entry and before the crowds with another Salvatore, enjoyed some amazing meals, took some incredible photos, indulged in more than a few cocktails at aperitivo time, laughed lots and swam in the waters around the Amalfi coast - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was like travelling with a group of girlfriends.

Thanks for the company girls.
Ciao Bella Tour September 2014 enjoying a glorious day on the water on the Amalfi coast.
We 'indulged' in a little swimming, exploring and just a little prosecco. Love this day on the coast.


Want to read the best review ever of this tour by one of our very clever ex clients?  Fiona is a wonderful writer and I couldn't put it better myself.....thanks so much Fiona. Greece awaits you!

Read Fiona's review here:

STOP THE PRESS:  This tour usually runs twice a year, in May and September. Next year in 2015 there will only be one Ciao Bella (women's tour to Italy) in September due to other tour commitments.
We only have 6 places remaining on this tour. If you want to experience a wonderful women's tour to Italy - why don't you join us?

Check out the Ciao Bella Tour 2015 here:

ROME AMALFI TUSCANY TOUR (our mixed tour to Italy)

Our Rome Amalfi Tour this September was lead by our wonderful guide Michela.  Michela is special.  She comes from Naples and has guided our groups around the area for years so it was wonderful that she was able to take this tour from the south to the north and by all accounts it was amazing.

This tour visits the best parts of Italy: Rome, Amalfi, Tuscany (Florence and Chianti)
There are so many amazing highlights for this tour including:

Special early entry to view the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican
Private tour of Ancient Rome and the Forum
Private boat tour around the gorgeous Amalfi coast
Winery tour and lunch in an ancient villa, just for us
Wine tastings, dinners in special places
Travel on the amazing fast bullet train from Naples to Florence
Visits to the Tuscan hill towns including San Gimignano and Siena
The amazing 'Path of the Gods' walk in Amalfi
Visit the ancient city of Pompei
Stay in the centre of the best town on the Amalfi coast, Positano.  In the heart of Rome and the centre of Chianti and Florence.
And much more.....

Hear from some of the guests on this tour:

'All of the hotels were fantastic'
'Having such a wonderful guide as Michela was a bonus'.
'Michela was a wonderful guide. Not only was she very knowledgeable and professional she was just such a lovely, caring person and became more than a guide but a friend to us all.'
T'he meals that were arranged by Italian Indulgence were all fabulous and it was always a new surprise to see where we would end up for the night. I loved the cellar in Rome and the atmospheric “Latino “ in Florence.'

 'I loved all of the hotels because they seemed to represent the locality and were stylish and atmospheric .' 

Our next tour is scheduled for the end of August, 2015.

Check out our Rome Amalfi Tuscany Tour itinerary here:
Greece is gorgeous and Mykonos town is so picturesque
Fabulous Greece

This is the third year for our Greek tours and they have been a huge success.  Our mixed tour in September was fabulous filled with such fun and interesting people from all over.  I love this tour as it such a great mix of history and food in Athens before we discover the laid back and sun-soaked Aegean islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Crete.  Greek food is delicious and even though in Australia we have such a huge Greek population, I have to say, the food is amazing in Greece.  

Crete is special
Of course, everyone has heard about the stunning islands of Santorini and Mykonos but Crete is such a surprise and probably an island that is not as well known as the others. Crete is known as Greece's food bowl and produces so many amazing food products - you haven't tasted yoghurt until you've tasted Greek yoghurt in Crete!
Antonis is our guide in Mykonos.  He is so enthusiastic and fun - we loved his scenic tour of Mykonos visiting the beaches, churches, a very famous bar and then dinner overlooking the town at Patrick's house (a Michelin chef) -a sublime day.
Stunning Santorini
Our next tours to Greece:

May 2015 - Women's Tour to Greece  more info....

September 2015 - Greek Indulgence Tour (mixed) more info...

                      One our yachts on Santorini
Is an Italian Indulgence Tour to Italy or Greece for you?

We know that when choosing a tour there are a minefield of companies  you have to choose from - some big, and some small.  How do you know that our company will suit you?

We're sure you have some questions:

Q:Will I be sitting in a bus for hours on end looking out of the window?
A:Absolutely not.  As our tours have a minimum of 3 days in each place, we don't need to travel long distances on a bus.

Q:Will I have to endure restaurants where the food is bland and I have no option to choose?
A:No way, we frequent small and out of the way restaurants and as our group size is tiny we can visit those family or more authentic restaurants. We try hard to find the best restaurants in the area (it's a hard job, but someone has to do it).

Q:Will the hotels be sterile and have no character?
A:Not of your life!  Due to our group size (again) we find the smaller hotels that are definitely not sterile and have lots of character. This means we don't always stay in 5* hotels, and sometimes not even in 4*.  The places we visit usually don't have many of those hotels anyway.  Mostly we stay in quaint 3* superior hotels that have a flavour for the town i.e, in Chianti we stay in an ancient villa, in Santorini we stay in cave houses.  So all of the rooms and buildings are quite unique and different.

Q:Will the group be too large and noisy?
A: No way, as the absolute maximum for our groups is 14 but most times it can be as small as 8.

Q:Will the guides be engaging and fun?
A:Of course. We love great characters and we try to find the funniest and engaging guides we can. (We don't want any eye-rolling going on when listening to a guide on our tours.)

Q:Will I be organised to within an inch of my life?
A: Nyet!  Most days our activities are planned for half a day.  That way you can really engage with the places you are visiting.  You can explore, enjoy a long lunch, shop, visit galleries or just sit and watch the world go by.  We don't want to be organised all of the time either.

Q:Are Italian Indulgence Tours good value for money?
A:Absolutely yes. We know there are cheaper tours out there but most tour companies operate on larger volumes and don't include many things we do i.e., would you sail around the caldera of Santorini in a private yacht with one of those larger companies (not going to mention names), or have a private cooking lesson in one of the best restaurants, and best chefs, in Positano?

Q:Do I need to be fit?
A: For sure, Italy and Greece are not easy if you have mobility problems.  You will experience cobble stones in Italy with uneven surfaces, walking to restaurants and monuments (as that is the quickest and easiest way), many, many stairs in Santorini - you definitely need to be fit.

Do you have more questions?  Contact us.
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