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Our first tour to Greece

The biggest news for Italian Indulgence in the first part of 2013 is that we had our  inaugural tour to Greece in May, and it was fabulous!  Our first tour, a women's tour, filled quickly and consisted mostly of women who had already been to Italy with us, so it was really like travelling with old friends.  The itinerary we planned turned out to be rather perfect with plenty of time spent in Athens (which we loved) and the gorgeous islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Crete-and who wouldn't love those?
We met some amazing characters who helped make this a very special trip and we enjoyed wonderful food and wine (well, it wouldn't be an Italian Indulgence tour otherwise).  Greece is such a beautiful place and the colours on the islands so vibrant. 

The view of the caldera from our Santorini hotel was magnificent from every room.

Greeks are amazingly friendly and the most hospitable hosts. Can't wait for our two tours in 2014. 
A women's tour in May and a mixed tour in September. 

Tempted? Check out our video to the right

Like to see our (mixed) Greek Indulgence Tour  itinerary in September 2014?
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Like to see our Women's Tour to Greece in May 2014 (8 places remaining) click here
Our May Ciao Bella Tour was filled with a delightful bunch of women from all over Australia, all so different but with so much in common.  What an absolute pleasure it was to share this wonderful trip with such a fun loving group.  Our evenings were filled with delicious food and wine but also much laughter.  Check out the slide show from this

Why not join our Ciao Bella tour in May 2014? 9 places remaining

Check out our itinerary here......

Travel Tips 

What do I never travel without?

Travelling to Italy (and now Greece) twice a year I know what works for me.  Not only are the items below invaluable on the plane but also come in quite handy when travelling around the country.  

Ear plugs: are essential on the plane to block out the noise and to induce relaxation BUT they are also invaluable when you are in hotels in the cities.  Our hotels are right in the centres of the cities and Roman streets are tiny and they take all manner of traffic - and noisy late night revellers.  Ear plugs are a saviour and an essential.  

Eye Shades:  love this new type on the market now (even though they look like a tiny bra) - they sit around the eye  - not on it - and stop your eyes from becoming hot on the plane - new from Go Travel.

Neck Rest: in the past every airline worth their weight gave these for free to all ecomony passengers - not any more.  Do your neck a favour and take one with you, you won't regret it.  Don't worry that they look silly.  I don't and it really does help you sleep on the torture flight from Australia to Europe.

Pressure Socks: invaluable, not only to reduce the likelihood of DVT but also to reduce swelling in the feet that so many people suffer from after a long haul flight - do yourself a favour.  Even Target sells them and you don't need to pay a fortune.

Eye Drops:  the atmosphere on the plane is very dehydrating, and that is why you should always drink lots of water, but your eyes also need hydrating.  According to my eye specialist, they should be used once an hour.

Of course, there are so many more tips....but later.
Cloudy, sunny, rainy, summer, spring or in the middle of winter - the hills of Tuscany are stunning. Our Tuscan Indulgence trip in May spent 6 nights in the hills of Chianti (Tuscany) and in San Gimignano.
An Aussie connection in Positano

Christine is an Aussie from Sydney who met the man of her dreams in the beautiful Amalfi coast town of Positano.  She has lived there now for a few years and has become one of the locals. We're very lucky as she now introduces our groups to the most stunning town on the coast to give us an insider's view.

She knows the legends, the traditions, the best restaurants, the best place to have a pair of sandals made or buy the best linen trousers - and the best shop to purchase that perfect ceramic plate.

Meet Christine on our Rome, Amalfi and Tuscany Tour (scheduled for August/September 2014) more...
and our Ciao Bella Tour in May 2014 more....
Mobile Phone Bill Shock
Have you heard the horrible stories of people arriving home from holidays feeling relaxed and wonderful only to open the mobile phone bill and nearly collapse with shock at the charges for their holiday?

Many people don't realise that using a smartphone overseas is extremely expensive - and shockingly so.

What can you do to still stay in touch with friends and family without having to mortgage your house to pay your phone bill?  There are some very simple things you can do.  More...
Amalfi coast
Customised Tours

Did you know that we offer not only guided tours to Italy but also customised tours?

What's the difference?:

Guided Tours are accompanied by a tour escort as well as professional guides and drivers - everything is taken care of so you don't need to worry about the smallest details. The itinerary is planned beforehand.

Customised Tours are very flexible and there isn't a tour escort. You will however, be accompanied by our excellent drivers and guides in Italy (who wants to drive in Italy?) You have input to the itinerary, so if it is truffle hunting in the hills of Pisa, watching a farmer produce pecorino sheep's cheese, cooking in a farmhouse in Tuscany, a trip to the Prada shopping outlet or talking to the local wine maker - this can all be arranged with our wonderful colleagues in Italy. Our friends in Italy are professional licensed guides and we think they are rather special.

See our itinerary for the Taste of Tuscany Tour, which is a customised tour here.....

And it's very affordable.

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