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The Greenhouse hosts 1 MC from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every Wednesday morning.  The format of these caffeinated events is simple; a presenter speaks about their idea for six minutes followed by a twenty minute question and answer forum. The Kauffman Foundation seeks to bring awareness to the small business community and growth of local entrepreneurs. We invite you to come every week to enjoy delicious coffee brought to you by Kahwa. Become familiar with the Greenhouse and be the diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and business owners who support entrepreneurship.

Hitch Crowdsourced Delivery

Our first presentation at 1 Million Cups this week was by Eric Torres, CMO of Hitch, a startup hoping to change the way packages are delivered.

Hitch is a crowdsourced delivery company, which applies the Uber model to shipping and delivery services. Launched in December 2014, Hitch is an app that allows individuals throughout Tampa Bay (and beyond) to help each other with package delivery.

"There's a 100% chance someone is traveling in the direction your item needs to go," Eric told us on Wednesday, "so why not use that empty cargo space in vehicles?" With their simple app, travelers can use Hitch to make extra money from pick-ups and deliveries along their route, while individuals in need of items benefit by saving on shipping cost and time. Hitch also helps the environment by reducing emissions from delivery vehicles, instead using cars already heading in that direction. By tapping into a community of travelers and commuters, Hitch allows people to help each other.

As a "Traveler," individuals enter their destination into the Hitch app, which displays available items waiting to be picked up and delivered; the app even shows the quickest delivery route! Pick-up and delivery are verified using the traveler's cell phone camera and geo-location sensor. To use Hitch as a "Shipper," individuals can create deliveries via mobile app or computer, entering all pertinent information about the item to be delivered, including pick-up and delivery locations. Hitch tracks the package all the way along the route using geo-location. After the item arrives, Travelers and Shippers rate each other, and the payment is sent to the Traveler within 24 hours.

"Everyday People. Every Day Shipping." Forgot your keys or checkbook at home and need them delivered to your office? Need an important envelope or package delivered the same day? Want your coffee brought to you from across town? In these scenarios and more, Hitch can help!
So "why ship when you can Hitch?"
How Can We Help? 
Eric asked the 1 Million Cups audience to help by downloading the Hitch app on the App Store or Google Play. "The biggest thing you can do is use it," Eric said. 

Hitch will even give you your first delivery (within 25 miles) for free! Use the coupon code "HITCHIT" at checkout to receive this promotion.

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Fustino Brothers, Inc.

Our next presentation at 1 Million Cups was by Gary and Russ Fustino, presenting their company, Fustino Brothers, Inc, which creates apps for rock stars (& other celebrities)! 

Information is everywhere on the internet, with various websites, media outlets, and data sources spread out across multiple locations (websites, social media, tour feeds, music stores, fan sites, links, etc.!). For celebrities in particular, internet presence is "out of control," with unconnected resources, a mix of official and fan media, and disjointed revenue streams. Because of this, celebrities need a powerful, official app to consolidate content for fans. This is what Fustino Brothers, Inc. specializes in.

"Celebrities don't want to be in the app business," Russ explained on Wednesday. Instead, they endorse the Fustino Brothers' app, which maintains their videos, discography, links, tour info, and more.

To better explain, Gary and Russ showed the 1MC audience their most recent success: The Official Jethro Tull App. With an intuitive interface and consolidated content, the app centralizes celebrity information for fans to find and enjoy.

As quoted by Jethro Tull manager, James Anderson,
"The Fustino Brothers have managed to combine the depth and detail of the Jethro Tull website with an entertaining and intuitive interface in a new App. They have made this an easy to navigate for a first time Tull visitor and for the seasoned aficionado, a highly interesting way to find out more about your favourite British Prog Rock band.”
Fustino Brothers, Inc. hopes to grow and work with more celebrities, including musicians, rock bands, actors/actresses, athletes, and other famous people.
How Can We Help? 
Gary and Russ told the 1MC audience that they are looking to grow Fustino Brothers, Inc. by creating websites for other celebrities. To do this, they need our help with celebrity introductions, guidance on scaling & funding, marketing & promotion ideas, premium advertising sponsors, and donations.

Gary and Russ also asked the 1MC audience to download and rate their Jethro Tull app (5 stars and comments are greatly appreciated!).

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Videos - Now Available:

Thanks to USFSP, we now have professional-quality videos of 1 Million Cups!

All video recordings will be available on our YouTube page the week following the presentation. Video links will be sent out in the next week's summary email.

Here are the most recent 1MC videos:

PureMolecular, LLC and PicChain,
Presentation at 1 Million Cups from 8/12/15:

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Downtown Tabby and OT9 Design,
Presentation at 1 Million Cups from 8/19/15:

Updates from Past Presenters:

Recent presenter, OMNA Inc., asked us to tell the 1MC community that their Indiegogo campaign is now live!

Check it out & show support at:

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