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Our first two months

San Shou Kuan (or SSK) as most people seem to be referring to us as has been fully operational now for approximately two months and during that period such a lot has happened so we thought we would bring you up to speed on our latest news.  

The first big news is that we conducted our very first grading.  Dave Nicholls oversaw proceedings at the Tokei Centre and this was one the first time we put some of syllabus changes to the test.  We have introduced additional moves to the 7th and 8th graders syllabus.  These additional requirements aim to embed the need for quality stances and aim to improve the performance and delivery of basic kicks.  We have also increased the requirements of our 4th graders self defence test.   We have been very pleased at how well those taking those grading have learnt these changes to their syllabus.   On a personal note I was delighted with the 100% success of the candidates and really pleased to be handing out our very are first certificates.
This Logo represents the traditional aspects of our organisation

We get many questions regarding the roundel and what it signifies.  It stems from the second Chinese character that follows the roundel.  The seconds character whilst meaning boxing is also the symbol for fist.  Therefore Michael Angove came up with this roundel as it takes a modern look at the fist and develops an image that combines a modern feel that we hope to utilise further as a representation of our organisation.

San Shou Tournaments

For a lot of martial artists in the UK San Shou (aka Sanda) is something new; but the reality is San Shou has been around for a long time with National, European, and World Championships being regularly held.  This sort of fighting is not for everyone but if you are keen to compete the novice events are a great way to dip your 'foot and fist' into it and gain some competition experience.  These tournaments are held under International Wu Shu Federation regulation and being a member of San Shou Kuan automatically means you are part of that umbrella.   I have included a couple of links from International Tournaments; don't be put off, we are not proposing that you start here; but for some of you this may be something you may want to aspire towards.   Whilst watching here are some things to notice, the use of body amour; the raised platform; throws and sweeps; the lack of use of the knee and elbow; driving your opponent off the platform, throwing, as well as of course kicks and punches. Enjoy!

Dates for your 2013 calendar

29th September Watford Grading
This grading will be held at David Nicholls' class in Bushy starting at 7pm. 
Please confirm with your instructor and download the grading form from the website.
The grading fee is £12 payable on the day and all students must have valid membership.

3rd November Novice San Shou Tournament Milton Keynes
This will be our first tournament and it is aimed at giving students an opportunity to test their
skills in a safe but competitive environment.  Competitors will be required to wear body armour,
gloves, head protection.  Bouts are fought over three x one minute rounds, throws and
take downs are included. 

The bouts are fought on open mats; not in a ring. 
You should expect to fight as many as six rounds, may be more. 
The tournament is open to all BCCMA members and through our affiliation and your memberships you are entitled to compete.

Pete is currently running a Thursday evening class at the Tokei Centre at London Bridge to prepare those keen to enter this event. 
Success in this competition provides an opportunity to fight in the National Tournament in 2014.

19th October Syllabus and Teaching Seminar
This is a pre-requisite for all those students wishing to participate in the Black Belt Grading in December. 
It will be held at the Tokei Centre at 3pm and is expected to last four hours. 
The cost of this session is £12 and is open to all Brown Belt and Belt students and instructors. 
The objective of the session is to ensure that all candidates are fully prepared to grade and that instructors,
and would-be instructors are fully cognisant with the syllabus changes and can teach the basic class.
Please register via the contact us page quoting the '19th October'

30th November London Bridge Grading
This grading will held at the Tokei Centre following the regular Saturday class.

8th December 2013 SSK Black Belt Grading
Our first Black Belt Grading will be held at the Tokei Centre on Sunday 8th December at 1pm. 
All candidates names must be submitted to either Peter Kennedy or David Nicholls by the 24th November together with a
£10 non-refundable deposit. 
The grading is open to all to watch and candidates going for 1sr Grade (Senior Brown Belt) through to higher Dans
(Degree of Black Belt) must have attended the syllabus and teaching seminar on the 19th October. 
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