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2013 is all but over but what a fantastic year it has been for San Shou Kuan.  As an organisation we are approximately six months old and in that time we have conducted four local gradings; one Dan (Black Belt Degree) level grading; we have grown our membership to over fifty (and followers in excess of three hundred); we have six class up and running; we have conducted our first syllabus course and held conference calls for our seniors and instructors discussing the syllabus (E.g. All women voted unanimously for gender parity and include 2v1 for female brown belts.)  
And that's not all: we have our first Black Belts and our first second Dan 'Degree' Black Belt; we have chosen Blitz Martial Arts as our main provider of uniforms and equipment; we finalised our branding.

Over this Christmas New Year period we are building the second iteration of our website with an embedded members database.  This should improve the payment process, ordering kit and equipment and our general administration. 

Plans for 2014We have been in discussion with the BCCMA regarding our own tournaments and we will be running our own sparring league starting in January. We have strong interest from other styles so this should prove a fantastic series of events through the year giving potential ‘fighters’ chance to build up experience.   We will also be conducting competitions for forms, fixed sparring and self devised self defence routines later in the year.   We are aiming to start 1 hour children’s classes - to help them develop core key skills, whilst simply having fun!  We will be holding a syllabus course in Liverpool in the first quarter of next year for our instructors in the North of England.
Below are a number of images from our San Shou Kuan Black Belt Grading held on the 8th December at the Tokei Centre.  Four candidates were aiming for high grades: Steve Lenton was taking his aiming for his 1st Grade Brown Belt; Anne and Pierre were attempting to gain their Black Belt and Jon his 2nd Dan (Degree) Black Belt.

We would like to thank all those who helped make the grading the success if was: the sixteen assessors and referees; the photographers: Vicky and Thomas; the numerous sparring partners.  Thank you all very much.

Congratulations to Jon, Anne, Pierre and Steve on passing their respective gradings; very well done to you all.

Jon Alagoa destroying 12 roof tiles as part of his 2nd Dan grading.

Anne Nilsson chopping a thermalite block.

Pierre Cochart landing a high kick against his Black Belt opponent.

2014 Sparring League
As many of you know competition is one of the best ways to improve one’s overall skills and abilities.  Further most people relish the opportunity to compete in their chosen sport.  At San Shou Kuan we aim to make the ability to participate in competition an integral part of what we do. 

In 2014 we will commence the year with the launch of our free-sparring league.  This is NOT full contact fighting but solid free sparring.  The aim is not to knock your opponent out but to demonstrate your sparring and San Shou skills.   This will be a series of events that will provide the opportunity to test your sparring abilities over the course of the year. 

These events will be open to all SSK members and students of other styles.  The first event will take place on the last Saturday of January at the Tokei Centre after class at 5pm.  Subsequent events are most likely to be held at the Tokei Centre but we aim to include other venues too. 

Participants will spar against candidates who are +/- 5kg of their own weight; rounds will be 90 seconds long; up to a maximum of three.  All participants will be required to wear full protection, head guard, body armour, shin and instep pads, large gloves, gum shield and groin guard (for gents).

Candidates will have the opportunity to spar one, two of three opponents.  League points will be earned based on the number of round completed; the number of rounds won.  Bonus marks will can earned by use of throws, take-downs and push outs.  All events will take part on an open matted area and not in a boxing ring.  Each round completed will earn the participant one league point.

Two judges and the referee will score each bout in favour of one participant or the other.  If one competitor wins two consecutive rounds against his/her opponent then that person will be the winner and score an extra two points.  The participant deploying more throws, take-downs or push outs in the course of the bout will earn a bonus point.

The league will run throughout 2014 with the champions being announced in December. Interim results will be published via these newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.

Also during the year we will hold at least one forms competition and one self defence competition; this will be exclusive to SSK members.  The second of these will be held in December as part of an evening of celebration of competition and champions. 

Entry into the free-sparring league is £10 per individual and depending on the number of entries will dictate how many awards will be made at the end of the year.  This event will favour those candidates who participate in the most events so getting involved early is an advantage!

World Round Up - 12th World Wushu Championships & Olympics New

The 12th World Wushu Championships was held from October 28 to November 6, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Championships was attended by 860 athletes from 74 countries and whilst most of the competition featured Wushu (forms and weapons) 32 countries had entries in the San Shou competition (Sanda- free fighting) .  Not surprisingly China dominated the San Shou medals table followed by Russia and Iran.  The new comers on the medal podium were Brazil and the USA. 

The fight of the tournament was widely considered to be the 52kg ladies final between the between Korean Kim Hye-Bin and Elaheh Mansourian an Iranian.  The Iranian fighter receiving a kick to the face that broke her cheek bone in two places.  She bravely continued and returned her own deadly kicks and finally won the title.

Olympics News During 2013 the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) applied for full participation in the 2020 Olympics.  Unfortunately their bid failed however the submission committee feel that they have learnt a lot from this experience and are now working proposal for 2024. Part of this strategy is to move the IWUF Headquarters to Lausanne in Switzerland to be close to the IOC to improve lobbying and visibility.  So hopefully we will see San Shou in the Olympics by 2024!

A major world event worth noting is - The 7th Sanda (San Shou) World Cup will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in November in 2014.
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