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A review of the first of the SSK Sparring League, the leader board and a resume of the coming events for the first half of this year.  To start with a few images from Sparring Event 1:

Sparring League Review

The first event of the Sparring League took part at the Tokei Centre on the 25th January.  This league will be run throughout the year with six events in total.   These events are designed with two key purposes:
The first is competition:
  • We all like the opportunity to compete and doing so in a friendly environment is an excellent way. 
  • Each bout consists of three 90 second rounds, points are earned for rounds completed and won. 
    There are bonus marks to be earned. 
  • Come the end of the year the competitors with the highest points will walk away with a nice trophy. 
  • At the moment Miguel is leading the competition after this event; with Elodie up front for the ladies.
The second is experience: 
  • These events enable the participants to assess if they wish to enter the National San Shou Tournaments. 
  • These allow them to practice the techniques needed; give them a good sense of the challenges they are likely to face; to help them decide if this is something they wish to pursue.
In terms of a quick round up!  The event went off to plan; the feedback from competitors and spectators alike was excellent.  Seven bouts were fought on the evening and each competitor was instructed to act as second for another competitor.  The idea behind this being that a good corner-man can really make a difference.  The main instruction of the evening was to keep smiling; this is friendly event and not about taking advantage of someone.  This was brought home by the relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

These objectives must be working as we already have numerous competitors signing up for Sparring League 2 in March.
Leader Board:
Coming Events:
A quick round up of the San Shou Kuan events; put these dates in your calendar.  If you wish to attend any of these please get in touch via your instructor.
22nd Feb:  SSK London Regional Grading – Tokei Centre London Bridge
9th March: SSK Hertfordshire Regional Grading – Bushey Grove, Watford
All candidates wishing to grade please ensure you have been reviewed by your instructor, your membership is up to date and you have printed off your grading form.
15th March:  NGB Level 3 Nutrition course
For coaches, trainers and Black belt instructors via  BCCMA 10:00-17:00 Bromley £50
18th March: SSK Essex Revision Class and Instructors Course
20:00-22:00 Riverside Leisure Centre, Chelmsford.
29th March: SSK Sparring League Round 2 – Tokei Centre London Bridge
Open to men and women.  This is NOT a knock out competition; safety is paramount, you will be paired with people similar weight/ability as yourself.
13th April:  National Novice San Shou Tournament – Milton Keynes
A novices' event with up to 100 competitors from across the country open to all BCCMA members; this includes San Shou Kuan members.
26th April: SSK Instructor/Coaching Revision Seminar - Tokei Centre London Bridge
(prerequisite for ALL those candidates wishing to take the Black Belt Grading in June)

10th May:  SSK North of England Instructors Course.  Next Generation Liverpool MMA Gym 1 Mt Pleasant, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 5SX
25th May: Sanshou Championships: Milton Keynes The National San Shou Championship; success here enables entry to the European Championships.
7th June: SSK National Black Belt Grading - Tokei Centre London Bridge
5th July:
 First Aid Course – Tokei Centre London Bridge
£30. Emergency First Aider at Work Certificate.  This is designed for martial artist and fitness instructors. 
Final note: we are looking for someone to be our membership secretary, preferably a Dan grade; a couple of hours per week.  The skills required include: use of simple databases, a small amount of correspondence, knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, and Mailchimp.  It would be a bonus if you have knowledge of Wordpress or equivalent web design software. We are paying £10 per hour if you are interested speak to either Dave or Pete.
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