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Welcome to this round up of 2016 and say hello to 2017.  

In this issue we cover:
- The SSK 2016 Annual Awards
- Third Dan’s Grading Syllabus
- Workshops in 2017
- Sanda Tournaments & Squad Training

Happy New Year to you all and thank you all for the support through 2016 So let’s start with a summary of 2016 in numbers:


2 Week long courses have been held for beginners
2 New classes were started
2 Revision Sessions
2 Taolu and Sanda Competitions held

3 This is the third year of SSK
5 Members achieved Sanda BCCMA Judges/Ref Qualifications

9 Members received awards this year

50 Students have taken part in gradings this year

100 Members. Membership climbed over 100 in October

500 This newsletter will reach well over 500 recipients

Pete & Dave discussing who gets to open the Christmas presents first!

This year we had 20 nominations for various awards but the most prestigious award for the Sanda and Taolu Championship of 2016 went to John Machell of Watford.  John excelled in the Taolu team event as key member of the winning team but he also won the Sanda Championship.  John became the first person to win this event and claimed the Trophy.

The list of all this year’s winners can be found via this link together with the photos.

John Machell receiving his trophy for the 2016 Taolu and Sanda Championship.
This year we have been further developing our third dan grading syllabus, those of you present at these gradings will have seen a significant focus on knife defence.   Over the course of this syllabus development we have introduce more knife defence techniques and revisited the format of the grading such that it requires candidates to develop their own fixed sparring against two knife carrying opponents.   In addition, candidates must defend themselves against a black belt in body armour who continuously attacks them for 45 seconds.   The candidate must disarm or defend themselves avoiding ‘significant knife injuries’.  To make this realistic the attacker is armed with a large marker pen and the candidate wears a white T-shirt.   Assessment of the candidate is based on performance and how few ‘strikes’ the attacker achieves on the candidates T-shirt.  The ‘strikes’ are evaluated as minor, significant, fatal. 

For an overview of the 3rd Dan grading read .
SSK Workshops and Calendar Events for 2017

If you haven't received your copy of the 2017 Wall Planner get along to your nearest class and ask the instructor to pass one on; they all have a supply to handout!  To whet your appetite for these events here is a summary of what you expect to see in 2017:

3 Jan       - ID & SSK week long training course and grading
28 Jan     - Chinese New Year (Rooster) Celebrations
5 Mar       - Regional Grading, Taolu & Sanda Competition, Revision Seminar
14 May    - Coaching & Destruction Workshops
20 May    - Regional Gradings commence
4 Jun       - Black Belt Grading
1 Aug      - ID & SSK week long training course and grading
17 Sep    - Regional Gradings, Taolu & Sanda Competition, Revision
26 Nov    - Regional Gradings commence
3 Dec      - Black Belt Grading & Annual Awards
Please also look at to keep up to date on these events.
If you haven't noticed how popular the worldwide interest is in Sanda fighting do search YouTube for the ever growing presence in the fight competition scene.

In the UK Sanda is led predominantly by the British Chinese Council of Martial Arts who not only organise the National Championships they also facilitate fight nights where professional Sanda fighters trade their skills.  The photo strip above is from a recent event at Harrow where fights from across Europe challenged for numerous titles.

As we are members of the BCCMA our members are invited to train at the British Squad events that occur on the last Saturday of the month at the K2 Centre Crawley.   We have had up to six people joining the squad training and the National Coaches are keen for us to bring more would-be competitors; so if you are interested and are aged 18-40 get in touch with either Pete or Dave. 

Coaching corner....
In this newsletter we are piloting some training tips for you make your own.  We start with a sparring tip from Pete but in future editions expect to see advice and guidance from Dave and others from our Senior Team.

A lot of people are uncomfortable sparring so in order to get over the fear factor get your first shorts in early and safely.  To achieve this I recommend front kick with your leading leg aimed at the body.  This is quick to deliver, maintains good distance between you and your opponent. Here I am able to land a good strike while keeping my head well out of harms way.

If you are comfortable with this shot try adapting it to a push/spurn kick. Master this and go for low side kick to the thigh.  Both of these have the same advantages of keeping the head at distance.  These are better as defensive techniques rather than front kick which is a great opener for an attacking combination.
These are another course that our accredited instructors can offer members of the public whether at their workplace or local gyms, schools etc.  These events can be tailored to specifics audiences and prove a great way of introducing people to the benefits of martial arts.
Pete regularly runs self-defence seminars over lunchtimes to work colleagues and members of his gym.  In the past he has run these sessions in council offices, schools, hospitals, community centres and police stations.  If you wish to know more get in touch.
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