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January 2019
This is the first edition of the quarterly Pony Club Association of SA News.  We are going to be relying on you to help make this an interesting, informative, entertaining and enjoyable place to spend a bit of time so keep an eye on the Pony Club Association of SA Facebook page where you'll see call out for stories, pictures and content.  Whenever you have something at your club worth sharing, email it to the PCASA News Editor at
or send it into the office and Helen will forward it onto me. 
Hello fellow pony clubbers

This is the first of our quarterly newsletters for 2019. I will take this opportunity to reflect on our past year with the retirement of our long serving president Greg Bailey. I know this has been said before but I will say it again. Thank you Greg for the many hours you have given to pony club, you have been fair, passionate and loyal to the movement not only in SA but Australia wide. I know you will still be involved but I hope you and your family enjoy the quieter moments.

Congratulations to our 2 vice presidents Di Birmingham and Deb Cook. Christine Bailey as Treasurer helps make up the senior executive, I look forward to working with them.  

2018 saw 10 new Preliminary coaches, 3 new Level 1 coaches and 38 efficiency certificates “C” and  above were achieved.

Horse Archery has grown in 2018 with quite a few riders getting their patches.
In 2018 we seen SYP pony club come out of recess.  We also welcome two new clubs Globe Derby and City West. 

We have now a Complaints Officer, Sonia Wellings has agreed to take on the role. Sonia has vast experience in many roles which makes her an ideal person for the job, thank you Sonia for taking on this role, hopefully you won’t be too busy. Kylie Weltman has offered to become  our program proof reader, please send your programs to Kylie at before publishing them anywhere. Thank you kylie for taking on this task, I feel it will keep you busy".

Our constitution has been reviewed and approved. The strategic plan is finalised so now we start to work through it.

This newsletter is one of the points in the strategic plan, thank you Carol for taking on the role of Editor. We look forward to seeing what all the clubs are up to throughout the year.

Promoting PCASA is one of the things I would like us to do better, so we are looking for ideas on stickers, brochures, etc, so we can put in libraries and community places. If you or your club have any ideas please let us know.

2019 will see the State Championships showcased on their own with the State ODE being held on  another weekend. The State Gymkhana doesn’t have a date or venue as yet, any Zones who would like to host this event please send your submission in to the office.

2019 is also a Nationals year with NSW hosting this event in Sydney. Deb Cook has been busy putting information together about this event. Any queries please contact Deb.

I would like to see working equitation tried this year, it is a fun way of educating our horses for a  wide range of equestrian sports.

Happy riding
Ann Olsen, State President.
In October last year, I was selected to go overseas with nine other equestrians from across Australia. I rode representing PCASA at Caballero Pony Club; a riding school for the young Chinese riders. When we weren’t in the saddle, we participated in group activities such as sightseeing temples, calligraphy, tea ceremonies and many more. Over in china, I created many new memories and learnt lots of new things. These included; teaching young kids to ride, demonstrating how to play mounted games and show jumping, participating in team of four and making new friends whilst visiting a riding school across the globe.

I was astonished to find that the pony club was kept on the third floor of a shopping mall and in the centre of the ground floor was their outdoor arena. To transport the horses from their stables to the arena they were taken down the public elevators! My favourite horse was called “Sita” who was a grumpy little grey pony who reminded me a lot of my own pony at home. There were twenty horses kept at Caballero Pony Club, all of which were ridden several times a day in lessons, teaching over a hundred students.

Thank you PCA for the amazing opportunity to experience such a memorable trip! Here is a photo of me riding a horse, “Bobbi,” from the Pony Club demonstrating how to play the mug race and a picture of me riding “Sita” in the Show Jumping:
Story Submission thanks to Sylvia Usher, Pegasus PC
Pegasus Pony Club was established in 1953 by founding member Margaret Clarke. It is the oldest running pony club in South Australia and the second oldest in Australia. The club has strong connections with the legendary Tom Roberts and RM Williams.  Margaret immigrated to Australia from England as a young woman. She rode bareback as a child and had learnt to ride in a saddle at RM William’s farm in Australia. She found the transition difficult and Tom Roberts became her instructor. She started a riding group that grew into a club called “The Pegasus Club” where Tom Roberts gave fortnightly instruction.  Margaret Clarke had authored many books in her own right and regularly contributed to articles in Hoofs and Horns under the pen name of ‘Sagittarian. She was a member of the Gawler 3DE from 1959 to 1965”. Margaret died in 2009 at the age of 87.   Over the years Pegasus Pony Club has moved around the Tea Tree Gully area. Initially, lessons were given on Margaret Clarke’s property in Houghton. It then moved to Anstey Hill reserve next door to St Winifred’s church on Perseverance Road, Tea Tree Gully. The club moved again across the road to a private property’s tennis court and backyard.  In 1971, 10 acres on Milne Road, Modbury was secured for 2 years until it was required for redevelopment. Negotiations with the City Of Tea Tree Gully Council secured the current grounds on Greenwith Rd, Golden Grove.  The area was divided by a road, covered by trees and a hole that was flooded by 2 creeks. The grounds were not suitable for riding.  In 1975 50,000 tonnes of fill was used to level the grounds and topped off with sand. The Council laid pipes to divert the creek flow and the adjoining quarries erected a new fence on the western boundary. A storm drain diverted water from the now underground creek and Greenwith road was diverted to run along the new boundary. SA Sand and Metal with Keller Earthmovers levelled the soil. The Tea Tree Lions Club arranged for the site to be provided with power. Gradually, amenities were funded and built on the grounds with volunteer power.   2018 marks the club’s 65th anniversary. This was celebrated by past and present members, visitors of note included Tony Zappia MP, Paula Luethen MP and Greg Bailey, friends and supporters as well as competitors . The day’s festivities included action packed Combined Training highlighted with cake cutting.  Excitement of the day included snake spotting, disposal of snake by a talented horse and windy conditions.  We would like to compile the colourful history of Pegasus Pony Club over the years.  We have lots of fragmented pieces. We need more information from the many people who have been part of Pegasus Pony Club over the years to come forward with their memories and photos. We look forward to hearing from you.
Story Submission thanks to Satine Lavender, Sunnybrae PC

Please present to the judge on entering arena. Politely & loudly give your Name & your horses’ name especially if riding more than 1 horse

* Thank judges, instructors & at presentation
* Walk the Show jump course in full uniform, or whatever you plan on riding in. – Helmet & whip may be carried
* Present to gear check in appropriate attire PC Classes = PC uniform, No polos unless casual event
* No phones or jewellery on the person
* NO ONE is to speak to the judge or course builder to query scores, times, distances or heights of jumps. This is to be done through the TD or appropriate convenor on the day. The judge has the right to eliminate offenders
* Refrain from ALL forms of abuse- physical, verbal, whip etc. The judge has the right to eliminate offenders
* Protests must go through the secretary & be accompanied by $50 or as designated
* Leave the arena at a walk
* All unresolved club issues MUST come through zone before approaching any member of PCASA Exec
* Our Insurer Gow Gates is no longer accessible to members directly but only though PCASA after contacting the Zone
* Riders and parents to help pack up before presentations at events where possible

So basically, be the person you would be proud of and treat your horse & fellow riders as you would like to be treated.

Article submission thanks to Deb Cook, Jupiter Creek PC and PCASA Vice President
LeHunte Members get into the Xmas Spirit
LeHunte Pony Club is situated in Wudinna, we are a small pony club with members traveling over 400km round trip to come to pony club. Due to distance we have weekend rallies with members camping over. Our membership ranges from very young to very mature. We had our Christmas rally on 15/16 December 2018, a few members couldn’t make but those that did had a blast.
Fancy dress started the weekend off in style and all though the weather was cooler than you would expect in December the members enjoyed time out in the pool after riding Saturday morning.
Sunday proved to be a touch warmer, so it was time for the water pistols and water balloons to help keep us cool. The riders enjoyed the many mazes we have as well as the bridge and see saw.
We finished a fantastic year off with a pooled lunch. The young riders had a lot of fun getting their president and coach quite wet (shame no photos).
Article submission thanks to Ann Olsen, LeHunte Pony Club
Rules and Guidelines for Pony Club Competition change every now and then so we understand that it's hard to keep programmes accurate, especially if you're running a show annually and you use the same basic program template.  To overcome confusion, Kylie Weltmann has offered to check any programme for a Pony Club Event before you send it,  or post it on social media or distribute it - to help you run your show better.  Simply send the draft programme to her at
This applies to any show you are running - hack shows, show jump shows, freshmans, gymkhana's, games, dressage - please be sure to send the entire programme including Terms and Conditions for entry. 
Metro Zone ran a C Certificate Clinic in December - congrats to all riders who participated.
Southern Zone State riders
Back Row:  Breah Marston, Caitlyn Slade, Melissa Coulter, Bethany Cook, Abby Clamp     Front Row:  Rebecca Burns, Demi Marston, Bella Masters, Alice Condon, Annabel Manifold & Cailtlyn Charles

Over the October long weekend PCASA Southern Zone sent a team of 15 riders to Kimba for the PCASA State Championships & Gymkhana.  The Southern Zone team trekked across on Thursday,  set  up our little village & settled in for a great weekend for our young riders, many of whom had never been away as group before. The weather was fantastic during the day but freezing at night.  Southern Zone were the biggest group & as parents we are all very proud of how they represented Southern Zone & their clubs, helping & supporting each other. Results for the weekend were:

1st Teams On the Flat State Champions the team being Breah Marston, Caitlyn Slade, Melissa Coulter & Rebecca Burns

1st & 2nd Novice Dressage Team & many individual placings

1st & 3rd  Preliminary Dressage Team with many individual placings

1st C Grade Show jumping Team

1st & 2nd B grade Individual show jumping

1st & 2nd   teams in the Saturday night quiz

1st Mountain PC for Mounted Games

1st in Composite Southern Zone team Mounted  games

Mountain PC won the State Gymkhana Aggregate Trophy on Monday

Every rider had a successful weekend with everyone placing & are all intending to participate in 2019 in Kadina.

Article submission thanks to Deb Cook, Southern Zone PC
Northern Hills riders
Northern hills riders
Every issue we will include a piece from a well known name in Australian equestrian sport -
we start with a local, a rider who started in Pony Club, just like you and I. 

It was a horse called Sunburst who took Wendy Schaeffer from Pony Club grade four eventing through her first Equestrian Federation of Australia Senior competition classes and eventually to the
1996 Atlanta Olympics where they won gold.

Wendy has recently returned to South Australia after a period of time in the UK and offered these
"Words of Wisdom"

“Enjoy spending time with your horse or pony. Get to know them, their strengths & weaknesses and their characteristics that make them unique. This will put our own ambitions and desires into perspective in regard to what our horses are best at too. This may mean that your horse or pony is more suitable for another rider’s job and your needs are better suited by a mount that doesn’t suit someone else so much. If I knew then what I know now, I would spend less time trying to make a horse or pony what I wanted it to be and accept more readily
that it’s ideal job was with someone else.

Thanks Wendy!
Next issue will come out 3rd week of April  - please send story submissions and photographs to 
Would especially love to see Pony Club Team Pics for 2019
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