Hello and welcome to the TCC Weekly – the Friday bulletin for people who know their Unknown Soldier from their Man on the Clapham Omnibus.
This is a Values Lab week, and we’ve decided to look, at those people who search out the most dangerous areas when visiting a foreign city. Which values groups are most likely to shun the Ramblas and instead hit up the Murder Mile?
We’ll be back with the full bulletin next Friday.
David Evans

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The Values Lab is based on the Values Modes segmentation tool – created by Cultural Dynamics and used by TCC – which divides the population into ethics-driven Pioneers, aspirational Prospectors, and threat-wary Settlers. Take the test here to see which you are.
Dangerous cities
A new BBC series looks at the world’s most dangerous cities. So far Kabul, Caracas and Port Moresby have been covered. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Brighton’s local paper, The Argus, recently published a list of the most dangerous areas of Brighton and Hove when it comes to crime.
Who are the groups who’d seek these areas out – and who would give them a wide berth. The heat map below reveals all.
The findings demonstrate that there are two sub-tribes who are most likely to agree with the statement: socially conservative Prospectors and more confident Pioneers. These occur at quite different parts of the spectrum from each other, and they perhaps hunt out iniquity and vice for different reasons. We might hypothesise that the former group are on a quest for status and gratification – and that the latter are in search of post-materialist ‘experience’.
The least likely groups to go off grid, meanwhile, are Settlers, unsurprisingly – especially those who are ‘comfortable’ rather than ‘alienated’ (e.g. those to the east of our compass).
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