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With the news continuing to be dominated by Brexit, Professor Matthew Goodwin this week
reminded followers of the huge divide between Leave and Remain voters when it came to the issue of flying the St George’s flag. We thought we’d take a look at this question in the Values Lab.
David Evans
The Values Lab is based on the Values Modes segmentation tool – created by Cultural Dynamics and used by TCC – which divides the population into ethics-driven Pioneers, aspirational Prospectors, and threat-wary Settlers. Take the test here to see which you are.

Flying the flag

According to Goodwin, 75% of Leave voters support the flying of a St George’s flag, compared to just 40% of Remain voters. That rises to 77% and 48% if it’s the Union Jack we’re talking about. We thought we’d put the notion of British patriotism into the Values Lab…

The map shows that agreement is very much gathered around the upper hemisphere of the heat map – with Pioneers distinctly less patriotic. This is unsurprising in many ways – although the extent of the Pioneer antipathy is striking. This arguably corroborates Goodwin’s numbers – with Pioneers also the most pro-Remain. It would be interesting to look at the same heat map for English identity, to see how it compared…
One slightly surprising factor is the strength of feeling among Prospectors, who have as much national pride as Settlers - according to the map – even among those who are more liberal. We wonder if this perhaps relates to optimism. Prospectors are the most upbeat of the groups, and are perhaps taking pride in their country’s present and future, rather than in its past.
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