Hi <<Name>>,

Steve here from Stillio. You've been using our service for some time now - for which I gratefully thank you! - and I just wanted to do a quick check with you if we still do a good job?

Stillio is building a library of case studies to include on our site, so we're looking for a couple of enthusiastic customers, and I hope you are :-)

Are you open to being featured? 🎉 It should be a lightweight process with just a handful of questions about your experience and results. We'll transform this into a short case story and send it back to you before publishing on our site.

We know how valuable your time is and are offering a $50 Amazon eGift card for your feedback, which you'll receive right after your approval on the preview of the case study article.
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Got questions or remarks before participating? Please hit the reply button to get in touch.

Best regards, 
Team Stillio 
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