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Ask the Aging

Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65

The face of aging is changing. Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65. The trend is predicted to continue until 2030. This means that a whole new generation will soon qualify as seniors. How do you anticipate the needs of such a large population of seniors? You ask them.

In the Fourth Annual United States Aging Survey, researchers sought out seniors ages 50 and up to learn what healthcare, finances, services, and support the aging population anticipates. The Survey also sought out the opinions of geriatric experts, to see if the soon-to-be-senior population was realistically predicting their needs.

It turns out seniors and professionals have very different outlooks on the future.

The main concern of aging Americans is maintaining their physical and mental abilities. Thirty-five percent of seniors identified memory loss as the greatest risk they’ll face as they age. Healthcare and service workers disagreed, with forty-three percent believing that financial scams were the greatest risk to seniors.

Seventy-five percent of seniors expressed a desire to age-in-place, but only sixty-two percent felt they’d have to make any renovations to their homes to do so. Thirty-eight percent of professionals worried that seniors would not have access to affordable housing, with many suggesting that reducing housing costs would be an essential part of aging successfully.

The survey revealed that many seniors have a drastically different view of aging. While professionals focus on financial and housing concerns, which effect current senior populations, aging Americans are focused on maintaining mind and body.

At Capital City Nurses we believe that both aging Americans and professionals have a point. It’s our goal to work with seniors and their families to achieve the best care possible. Our trained professionals can help you evaluate the living situation of a senior loved one, and come up with a care plan that will help them age successfully.

If housing becomes a concern, consider moving your loved one to our refined residential living facility, The Cottage at Curry Manor. The Cottage focuses on keeping seniors engaged and active – both mentally and physically. We offer trained medical care, classes, activities, five star cuisine, and social gatherings; all expertly tailored to the needs of an aging population.

Whether you’re approaching senior status or have a loved one who is, it may be time to look at what you’re prioritizing during the aging process. By assessing your needs physically, financially, and mentally, you can build a plan for wonderful aging.

Will the Care Be There?

excerpted from the American Society on Aging

By 2030, more than 20 percent of Americans will be older than age 65, a quarter of whom will have four or more chronic conditions and account for 80 percent of the rapidly growing Medicare budget ($583 billion in 2013). Tens of millions of individuals who are older than age 50 are beginning to wonder, “Will I be able to get the medical care I need as I get older?” Policymakers and educational leaders are starting to ask, “Will tomorrow’s doctors have the skills they will need to handle so many older patients with so many chronic conditions?”

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Help! Who Will Care for Baby Boomers When They Need It? 

excerpted from AARP

Consider these findings: In 2010, there were 7.2 potential caregivers (ages 45-64 or the average age of caregivers) for every person age 80-plus. In 2030, that caregiver ratio will drop to 4 to 1 and by 2050, when all boomers will be in late life, the ratio becomes less than 3 to 1. In 2050, there will be three times as many people age 80-plus as there are today.

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Love & Aging
Photo of elderly couple holding hands in hospital goes viral

During their long marriage, Tom and Arnisteen Clark have only been apart once -- when Tom served in Korea with the Army -- and didn't want to do that again during a recent hospital stay, according to a post shared August 6 on Piedmont Fayette Hospital's Facebook page.

The couple could not share a room because of state regulations for private rooms, but staff at Piedmont arranged for Tom to visit Arnisteen during their stay, the post said. A heartwarming photo of the couple holding hands at the hospital has gone viral.

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New, rapid dementia screening tool rivals 'gold standard' clinical evaluations

Determining whether or not an individual has dementia and to what degree is a long and laborious process that can take an experienced professional such as a clinician about four to five hours to complete. A leading neuroscientist has developed a way for a layperson to do this in three to five minutes with results that are comparable to the “gold standard” dementia tests used by clinicians today.

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