In this issue we're examining future technologies and service trends.
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Welcome to Market Clarity's May Newsletter.

In this issue we present findings from our latest Future Tech research.

Future Tech 2024

Cutting edge research insights from people shaping the future of technology

Welcome to the May issue of Market Clarity’s Future Tech series where I'm engaging in in-depth discussions about the future with the people who are likely to invent it.

Themes explored in this month's newsletter include:

  • How mobile connectivity is driving massive changes in the automotive industry; and
  • The legal and service responsibilities affiliated with wearable healthcare.

Would you like to understand how you can leverage emerging technologies into opportunities for your business?

Market Clarity’s Future Tech series is your roadmap to understanding and accessing the growth potential of tomorrow's world. I'm delighted to announce that Market Clarity and Communications Day will be hosting a Future Tech workshop in Sydney on June 10.

I'm also available to present at your events, offsite strategy sessions and boardroom think tanks. Feel free to get in touch by replying to this email or phoning (02) 9043-9100.

I hope you enjoy reading about future technologies, as much as I'm enjoying my interviews with some of the most interesting people in the technology space.

-- Shara Evans, Market Clarity CEO

Future Tech 2024: An Interview with Dr Dean Economou (Technology Strategist, NICTA)

Mobile connectivity is driving massive changes in the Automotive industry

Dean is one of the top researchers and thought leaders in the Australian scientific community. In this Future Tech interview we speak with him about a wide range of topics including: new form factors for computing devices and displays, holograms, driverless cars and comms control systems, sensor networks, wearable + ingestible devices, and drones.

Key findings from Part 1 of the interview:

  • Every major auto manufacturer now has a program in extremely advanced safety. The endpoint of every manufacturer’s roadmap is autonomous vehicles, which can’t crash because they’re robots.
  • Sensors will be deployed both in cars, and on the road. These massive changes in the automotive industry will require transport infrastructure planning, along with opportunities for management systems, or perhaps services, that companies can offer to control traffic. 
  • 10 years from now, Dean thinks we’ll have extremely accurate, very natural voice recognition making it a pleasure to interact with our computing devices, especially in vehicles.
  • The evolution of something like Google Glass, with very high resolution and an apparent viewing distance of a couple of feet, is probably going to hit the market in the next 5 or 10 years. It will be a very convenient way of getting large-screen performance out of a device, which is very tiny and completely mobile.

In Part 2, we continue our discussion about how communications technology is impacting the automotive and other industries:

  • The amount of data transmitted by smart transport systems is actually quite small. In the article, we discuss three M2M connectivity approaches.
  • The wearable and ingestible technology space is gaining traction, but Dean is definitely not keen on having active electronics inside his body.
  • With respect to unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones), Dean sees the following issues: How do we integrate these devices into our airspace? How do we make sure they don’t accidentally land on people? How do we manage the traffic that may result from thousands of these things buzzing around? The tech is there, but what we need are the systems, regulations, and processes, to make sure they operate well and to everyone’s benefit.

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Future Tech 2024: An Interview with Christine Ekman (Co-Founder, Mobile Pulse)

Legal and service responsibilities affiliated with wearable healthcare

Christine is one of the co-founders of Mobile Pulse, a mobile analytics firm based in Denver, Colorado. She's been advising start-ups and venture investors for over 12 years at Evolve Adapt Survive, and previously worked in mergers and acquisitions for Bay Networks (Nortel) after an early career as a broadband network design engineer at US WEST.

In this Future Tech interview, we talk about the privacy and legal implications of wearable healthcare technology, GPS tracking, data mining your mobile phone, drone-based wireless networks, and where VC technology investments are going.

Some key take-aways from Part 1 of our interview:

  • Wearable technology is interesting, but a lot of the early consumer feedback involves words like bulky, small screens, privacy issues — and, they're not very fashionable.
  • VC funding is going into child and elder care wearable-based tracking. But, Christine points out that there is still much to work out with respect to the responsibilities and consequences of the parties getting this information.
  • GPS capabilities built into mobile devices can have some unexpected consequences when these capabilities are used by apps in an unauthorised manner. Christine also sees a lot of traction in the auto industry for integrating automobile and smartphone GPS technology, enabling apps that allow you to remotely lock/unlock your car, or find where your parked it.

In the continuation of our discussion, we talk about the future of mobile connectivity, this time looking out to 2024 when literally everything will be connected via the cloud, as well as:

  • Recent moves by social media giants Facebook and Google to deploy drone-based wireless networks. The idea is; the cloud is so important, and the big data information is so important, that they will circle the Earth with their own wireless networks.
  • A lot of technology innovation comes from start-ups, which frequently serve as outsourced engineering for larger companies.
  • Where is VC technology investment money going? Right now the mobile segment is taking a lot of the overall VC financing, at least in the US. Christine also sees big data and consumer analytics attracting a lot of funding.

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Community Mobile Coverage Assessment

A simple and affordable way to measure mobile coverage in your community

To support the Government's $100m Mobile Coverage Program, Market Clarity has partnered with Mobile Pulse to offer communities an analytical tool to simply and easily measure and map mobile coverage and performance within their geographic area.

The Community Mobile Coverage Assessment Package includes:

  • Installation of the Mobile Pulse testing app on up to 100 devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry)
  • Comprehensive data collection, mapping and analysis for a 3-month or 6-month period
  • Full access to a real-time, web-based dashboard
  • Detailed report at the end of the assessment period identifying carrier performance in areas where your devices tested (the report compares the carrier networks tested by devices in your community).

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Upcoming Events

We're delighted to be Chairing the CommsDay Australasia Summit

19 May 2014 – Wholesale & Data Centre Summit
Westin Hotel, 1 Martin Place
Sydney, Australia

Now in it’s third year, the CommsDay Wholesale & Data Centre Summit is a peak gathering of data centre and wholesale comms entrepreneurs, as well as their customers, financiers and policy makers. With a regional as well as domestic focus, this event provides a one-day update on the state of the Australian data centre and wholesale market, along with an unsurpassed business networking opportunity for the sector.

Market Clarity CEO, Shara Evans will be Chairing the conference, which is part of CommsDay’s Global Telecom Week. Conference registration is available here.


CommsDay Future Tech 2024 Workshop

10 June 2014
Venue to be advised
Sydney, Australia

I'm delighted to announce that Market Clarity and CommsDay will be hosting a Future Tech workshop, where we'll be examining the ways that you can translate the power of the future into new business opportunities. Keep an eye on CommsDay and Market Clarity's website for registration details and additional information.

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