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August 15, 2022


Carl Kabat, Presente!

Priest’s Lifetime of Plowshares Actions Included Colorado Missile Silo

Carl Kabat left this earthly plane on Aug. 4, passing in an Oblates of Mary Immaculate residence in San Antonio. He was 88. Kabat spent more than 40 years protesting nuclear weapons through nonviolent civil disobedience, and served more than 17 years in jail. His activist life opposing nuclear weapons began in earnest in 1980 when, as a member of the Plowshares Eight (which also included the Berrigan brothers and Molly Rush), he poured blood on GE re-entry vehicles at a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania manufacturing plant.

Kabat was well-known locally for many visits to Colorado, particularly a high-profile protest in 2009 at the N-8 Minuteman missile silo in New Raymer, Colo. His trial in Greeley at the end of 2009 brought in many national and international media outlets. He also committed civil disobedience on two consecutive Fourth of July holidays, in 2012 and 2013, at the Kansas City weapons plant, in actions he called the 85% Pruning Hooks actions.

Before becoming involved in the anti-nuclear movement, Kabat spent the 1960s in other nations, serving with the poor in the Philippines and Brazil. In the latter nation, he focused on Liberation Theology principles that later served as the basis for Vatican II. His work in Brazil threatened the ruling generals to such an extent, the Oblate pulled him from Brazil for his own safety.

In the 1970s, Kabat translated the works of liberation theologist Jose Comblin. He became increasingly interested in opposing militarism and nuclear weapons, joining Pax Christi, Amnesty International, and Jonah House. After the 1980 Plowshares Eight action, Kabat was involved in such actions as a 1984 occupation of a missile silo in Missouri, and a 1992 follow-up action. He served more than a decade in prison for protests in Missouri.

Kabat was known for wearing a clown suit to many actions, and called himself a “fool for Christ.” A pacifist house of Catholic Workers called the Carl Kabat House was established in St. Louis, MO, where Kabat often visited or lived for longer periods of time. Carl Kabat House now works to provide services to immigrants.

In Colorado Springs, Kabat relied on local activist Bill Sulzman as a friend and ally. When Bill and I drove to Tennessee in 2010 for an action at the Y12 plant in Oak Ridge, we stopped to visit Karl and Chrissy Kirchhoefer of Catholic Worker. Kabat regularly displayed his jovial approach to life, and displayed how a lifetime involved in serious plowshares actions need not lead to a grim demeanor. Karl’s departure makes this planet a little bit grimmer. May we all carry on his determination.

Above: Bill Sulzman, Carl Kabat, and Chrissy Kirchoefer in St. Louis

September Members’ Meeting Will Recap Youth Activist Training

We are planning a late-afternoon potluck and get-together for PPJPC members, tentatively set for Sept. 24 at Knights of Columbus Hall. This is planned to take place around the Sept. 21 International Day of Peace. We will hold an annual meeting in early 2023, but in the meantime, we will update members on our work during 2022. Now that Covid restrictions have eased, we hope you can join us for face-to-face conversations!

Pikes Peak Women Podcast Talks to New CEO of Peak Vista

On today’s Elevating Pikes Peak Women, we're discussing another new woman in leadership in the Pikes Peak Region.  Host Mary Lou Makepeace introduces us to the new CEO of Peak Vista, Dr. Emily Ptaszek.  They will discuss Peak Vista's services to the community, the new CEO's background in the field, the strengths Dr. Ptaszek sees in the institution, and the vision she sees for Peak Vista and Colorado Springs.    
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A Poem from Ellise R - An Attendee of Youth Activist Training

The future we almost had 
As the cries of our 
struggles fall onto deaf
ears, the screams and 
the pleas from citizens 
are the government who
swore our voice matters, 
brushes it off as 
arrogance. “You're too 
young" as if our age 
makes us any less 
capable of observing the
world around us, while 
those in office are 
practically dessicated. 

Does the pain in our
voices not sting your
ears the way the tears we
hold back saying it? They
don’t know our pain, our
sacrifice, so we scream
and we fight, we write,
we draw and we unite. As
we fight for the future we
want, we mourn the
future that was almost

Peak Environment Podcast 92 Looks at Applying Green Standards to Stormwater Infrastructure

Stormwater management is a critical environmental concern for a large urban area like Colorado Springs. City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise Manager Richard Mulledy discusses the city’s new green infrastructure standards for development and redevelopment. He also shares some planned and some completed capital projects, and gives us an overview of the strategic vision of the Stormwater Enterprise. 

Podcast listeners can find this episode by searching for Peak Environment on their podcast app.

You’ll find Podcast 92 here:

Also, check out Podcast 91 on native plants and the watershed.Learn about the newly revived Kathleen Marriage Garden at Sondermann Park, and how you can incorporate native plants into your landscape and help support a healthy watershed. Colorado Native Plant Society Executive Director Maggie Gaddis and Fountain Creek Watershed District Interim Executive Director Alli Schuch talk about the history of the garden, how it was brought back to life, and how native plants help support a healthy watershed. They also discuss National Pollinator Month.

Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District
Fountain Creek Watershed info
Fountain Creek Watershed Map
Fountain Creek Brewshed Alliance Map
Colorado Native Plant Society

Register to Virtually Attend the Next Sustainability in Progress meeting
Sustainability in Progress: Stormwater Green Infrastructure Plan
Jul 20, 2022 08:00 AM

You’ll find Podcast 91 here


Transit Agencies Offer Free and Reduced-Cost Rides Through August

350 Colorado sent out an alert regarding several Colorado transit agencies, who have partnered to encourage the use of mass transit by offering free or reduced-cost rides through August. Here are details:

Would you like to run your errands, go out on the town, and get to work conveniently while helping create the transition to a clean, green economy? Now is your chance, at no cost to you. In August, across the state, we have the opportunity to ride RTD buses, MMT, GET, Poudre Express, light rail, paratransit, the HOP, Access-a-ride, trains to airport and more for free! All cities are eligible for this program and so far we have confirmed Denver Metro area, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Greeley, and Lafayette are participating. And the long-distance intercity “Bustang” routes are 50% off from July 1 to September 5. If you are able, join us in making a commitment to ride transit as much as possible in August, and spread the word to your friends!

 Support better transit! By helping to make this initiative a success and showing overwhelming public support for transit, this will lead the expansion of service that will make RTD even more convenient. Chicken and egg. “If we show up they will build it!” We will also help to lower greenhouse gas emissions and ozone pollution (oil and gas production plays the biggest role in contributing to ozone, but driving is the second highest source.)

 Plot your routes now for all of your usual destinations: use your maps app—it’s easy! The RTD app is also extremely useful! Or you can plan trips or research routes by visiting the agency’s website, where you can use the Trip Planner app, access schedules or sign up for Service Alerts. Next Ride provides real-time vehicle information. To ask questions of RTD during normal business hours (6 a.m.-6 p.m.), call Customer Care at 303-299-6000.

Check out more info about the zero-fare program here. If you want to try out your routes before zero-fare month, you can buy your tickets on the RTD app, or at your local grocery store. Stay tuned for more information from 350 Colorado in the coming weeks.

 If you have questions or want support in doing this, please do not hesitate to email me: I’ve been riding transit since 2019.


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