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Week of September 23, 2019


Spaulding Asks Peace Breakfast Attendees
About Their Dreams

Professor Urges Audience to "Brighten the Corner Where You Are"

Working for peace and justice can often seem like a daunting, if not impossible, task, Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding told attendees at the PPJPC Peace Breakfast Sept. 20. She used the analogy of the blind troupe exploring an elephant to show that each person visualizes a unique portrait of peace and justice, often not seeing the way issues can interconnect. She invited input from the audience to elaborate concepts of peace and justice, and said that if a task looks too big on a global scale, focus on the manageable and local and “brighten the corner where you are.”

The breakfast heard from PPJ)PC Executive Director Victoria Stone, LEAD Academy teacher Jeffrey Bryant, board member and Peace Camp aide Max Kelly, MLK Day coordinator Steve Flynn, and Urban Experience directors Debbie Vitulli and Bill Thomas. Our new intern, Maci Parker, gave a moving personal testimonial on how to come around to a community of justice after experiencing addiction and troubled homes. Thanks to our breakfast suppliers Veterans Coffee Roasters and La Casita, and thanks for the members and friends who turned out this year!

Maci Parker and VIctoria Stone

Debbie Vitulli and Bill Thomas


GoFundMe Effort Continues for LEAD Academy

LEAD Excellence Academy will start its fall semester soon, and we encourage any and all donations and volunteer efforts. PPJPC would like to extend its thanks to Kevin Mitchell for helping to put together a GoFundMe page. You can visit the page to make your donations HERE.

Contributions of classroom goods for LEAD also are needed. You can help by offering such items as: gift cards for healthy food items from vendors such as King Soopers, Costco, Natural Grocers; funds for LEAD Excellence Academy hoodies w logo in “safe” colors so our students can be identified; pledges from local restaurants for 1 hot lunch/week for 15; water cooler and fresh water delivery; reusable water bottles w LEAD Excellence Academy logo;  Chrome Books for students; sub teachers’ and volunteers’ donation of time in the classroom; monthly rent sponsorship $200/month for expense sharing with Living Word Youth Center; first aid kit.

Spaulding Featured in AfJ Podcast

Colorado Springs needs to have some conversations, changes, and healing in the aftermath of the death of De’Von Bailey – shot in the back on August 3 as he ran from two police officers. Community members gathered for dialogue in this “listening session” at the Sand Creek Library on August 19, 2019.

You can hear AfJ Podcast 3 at

The podcast team has recorded Spaulding's speech at the PPJPC Peace Breakfast, as well as speakers from the Sept. 21 Urban Experience walk, and will have podcasts up soon!

IndyGive! Program Begins with Matching Grant Challenge

The annual Give! program will begin soon, but you can make a jump start with early donations that can help our matching grant pledge. For more information, contact Victoria at or call (719) 632-6189.

More U.S. Troops Head to Saudi Arabia

President Trump presented himself as someone who would avoid entangling alliances, but on Sept. 20, the White House announced that hundreds more U.S. troops, along with Patriot missiles and missile-defense radars, would head to Saudi Arabia in response to the drone attacks on oil facilities a week earlier. U.S. military aid to the House of Saud has been constant since the end of World War II, and Obama increased aid to the Saudis when they launched an offensive in Yemen.
Trump, however, has allied himself closely to the royal family, particularly Mohammed bin-Salman, and has rejected widespread charges that the Saudi leadership was responsible for the murder of journalist Adnan Khashoggi. Opposition to the Friday announcement of new troop deployment was immediate, and calls for protests to the move arose nationwide over the weekend.

Peak Environment Podcast 38 Gives Tips On Shaving Your Utility Bill

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in town! There is a service that can evaluate your home’s energy-efficiency and potentially trim your utility bill by 25%. Energy Resource Center is a non-profit that focuses on providing the service at no cost to families that most need the help. But homeowners who don’t qualify can still use the service, paying market rates (which helps ERC do work at no charge for those in need). ERC technicians are experts in heating, air conditioning, hot water heaters, insulation, etc. It’s the biggest, most reputable weatherization company in the nation.
In this episode, Mike Mazzola of Energy Resource Center sits down with Peak Environment Co-Producer Ellen Johnson-Fay to give her the full picture – including the fact that ERC has offices in Alamosa, Denver, and Loveland, in addition to Colorado Springs. If this episode whets your appetite for more information, or if you just want to see the place, put the September 26 Green Drinks event on your calendar.

For the latest Peak Environment podcast, visit:

And don’t miss Podcast 37 on the role of renewable energy in electricity generation plans. Coal, gas, solar, wind? How should each of these factor into our utility’s future energy plans? CSU is beginning to develop a new Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP), and the utility wants your help. Michael Avanzi, Energy Planning Manager for the utility, provides an overview of the process, and Jim Riggins, president of Southeastern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, provides an engineer’s perspective on why renewable energy is not just the wisest, most responsible generation resource, but is also now the most economical.

For Peak Environment podcast 38, visit:


Blanket Donations Still Needed at Springs Rescue Mission, Salvation Army

The appeal for blankets for homeless people continues on.  Our two local shelters say the need is still there. In fact, the Salvation Army has been forced to rent blankets. Additionally, donations of towels are also requested.  Both shelters offer the opportunity to shower for their guests. 

Gently used blankets, comforters, quilts, or throws – along with towels- can be dropped off as follows.  The Salvation Army accepts donations Mon- Fri, 9 am thru noon at their R. J. Montgomery Center, 709 S. Sierra, near Cimarron.  The Rescue Mission donation warehouse, west of their main campus, is located at 111 W. Las Vegas St. with drop off times Mon- Fri 9:30am-4:30pm and Sat 9-11am. 
If you have a heart to help a homeless person, please consider donating new or used items.

Teen-Led Climate Strike Actions in Colorado Springs and Denver Join with Hundreds Worldwide

High-school students invited adults to join them Sept. 20, as hundreds in Colorado cities joined with tens of thousands around the nation and world to demand action to mitigate climate change. The protests marked the start of Climate Strike Week, which continues with localized lobbying and street actions through Sept. 29.

Among the goals of People’s Climate Movement are a Green New Deal, respect of indigenous land and sovereignty, environmental justice, protection and restoration of biodiversity, and implementation of sustainable agriculture. (It is ironic regarding the fourth point that Science magazine released a new report that wild bird populations in North America have declined 30% since 1970, amounting to a loss of 3 billion birds.) Just as in the case of laws on gun violence last year, when adults refuse to lead, the youth are taking up the mantle of the front line for action.

Rosemary Lytle (left) at climate protest

Denver Climate protest at Union Station

Department of Corrections Official to Give CC Address Oct. 1

Rep. Pete Lee is urging activists to turn out Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. for a speech at Colorado College by Dean Williams, the new director of the Colorado Corrections Department, appointed by Gov. Jared Polis. Williams will speak on “Normalizing the Prison Environment,” and will speak on new concepts in rehabilitation. The speech is free and open to the public, and will take place at Kathryn Mohrman Theater, Armstrong Hall, CC, 14 E. Cache La Poudre.


Moms Demand Action Hosts October Events

Moms Demand Action alerted us to these October events, and also urged its members to continue to press for justice for De’Von Bailey.
 Coffee Shop Get-Together
Friday October 11, 9:00am-10:00am. Curious about Moms Demand Action? Have questions about gun violence or missed our September Meet-Up? Join other Moms at the Starbuck’s inside King Soopers at Woodmen and Lexington (3570 Hartsel Drive). In addition, we want to support King Soopers for their policy change on not allowing open carry of firearms in the stores. Kids welcome. Just drop by or RSVP here:
Next meeting - Colo Springs Monthly Meet-Up
Sun. Oct. 20, 3:00pm-4:30pm at Sand Creek Library
Community and care for firearm suicide prevention: Come hear the facts about El Paso County's high firearm suicide rates and what more can be done. Speakers from El Paso County Health Dept. and CS Fire Dept. Cookies and coffee will be served. Kids are welcome in the adjacent children’s area.
RSVP here:

Citizens Project Joins in Petition on Bailey

Those who have been following the calls for an independent investigation in the shooting death of De’Von Bailey will know that Citizens Project ED Deb Walker has been a constant presence at several city meetings. It is no surprise that Citizens Project put out an appeal last week to its members to sign the petition to demand the independent investigation, and also asked members to call Prosecutor Dan May (at 719-520-6000), as well as contact Gov. Polis. PPJPC had physical copies of this petition at the Sept. 20 breakfast, but if you missed the chance to sign the petition, you can do so HERE.


PPJPC Offers Sound System for Community Group Rental

PPJPC has partnered with Studio 809 to purchase a portable sound system appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. If you are interested in arranging the use of this sound system, contact Victoria at (719) 632-6189.

Wellspring Community Seeks Volunteers for Fall Trimester

Wellspring Community was founded in Castle Rock eight years ago to offer enrichment and business opportunities to special-needs adults. In June, Wellspring opened a Colorado Springs branch at the Woodmen Valley Chapel campus on Woodmen Road. Wellspring is seeking volunteers for its fall trimester beginning Sept. 16. For more information or to learn about volunteer training, contact Loring with PPJPC at, or call Michelle Cattapan with Wellspring Colorado Springs at (719) 533-6817.

Colorado Springs Repeats Popular Renter Rights Program Once More in October

The city’s community development division is repeating its popular “Renter Rights” program in association with Pikes Peak Library District and Colorado Legal Aid for one last workshop this fall. The event will be held in October to discuss the rights and responsibilities of renters. Admission is free, but space is limited, and those interested should check with the web site for more information. The last fall workshop will be held Saturday, Oct. 12 at Sand Creek Library, 1821 S. Academy, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. For information on registering, go to

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