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Week of March 9, 2020


Nuns Urge Activists to Never Lose Hope

Platte, Gilbert Talk of Progress in Nuclear Abolition Treaty

In the last of several events in Colorado Springs, Plowshares Nuns Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte urged an audience at All Souls Unitarian Church on March 5 to not allow ominous global trends to make peace activists lose hope. Platte and Gilbert have been working for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), an organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Platte said that 191 nations’ ambassadors informally signed the Treaty to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Some 81 nations became official signatories, and 35 of those nations have ratified the signatures through their legislative bodies. Platte said that opposition from the U.S. and other nuclear weapons nations “doesn’t matter, because once it is ratified, it will go into effect.”

Gilbert said the task for activists is clear. Although the U.S. Council of Mayors and dozens of cities nationwide have endorsed the treaty, no city from Colorado has signed on, so there is a concrete job to be done. Gilbert distributed a list of “important actions that can help lift you from despair,” such as working with, a joint project of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and Physicians for Social Responsibility. It is also important to not do banking with organizations that fund weapons manufacturers. Gilbert said divestments can redirect funds into Zevin Asset Management and Green Century Funds.

Thursday night’s discussion was sponsored by Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. The sisters will be in northern Colorado cities through March 12. Their visit was the subject of an extensive article in the Gazette. You can find it at


Moms Demand Action Has Events Slated for March 12 and March 29

ALERT:  March 12 Attend hearing to repeal the Extreme Risk Protection Order
Law (Red Flag Law)

Lawmakers will decide if a bill to repeal ERPO and amend the 72 hour hold will move forward.   How has ERPO been implemented so far?  In January 8 cases were filed requesting that judge remove gun from person who is deemed a threat to himself or others. Seven temporary ERPOs, lasting 14 days, were requested. One was denied, five were granted, and two were then vacated, meaning cancelled either because a petition was withdrawn, expired or replaced. The law seems to be working as intended.  This Judiciary Committee hearing (Rm 0112 in the basement of the state Capitol) is 3rd on the agenda, attending at 3 PM or later is advised.  Contact Julie Carr 303-882-7326 for more info or to carpool, go HERE.

Monthly Meet Up March 29, 2- 4 PM, Monument Library, 1706 Lake Woodmoor Drive, 80132

We will take action in the meeting to support 2 new pieces of statewide legislation 1.) Secure Storage of Guns 2.) Reporting of lost and stolen guns.  Also, experienced sport shooter Katie Barrett will share about the vocabulary and the cultures of firearms. This is intended as a safe space to ask questions and learn about guns and common sense gun laws.


Peak Environment Podcast 56 Focuses on Wolves

Podcast 56 was created in conjunction with Pikes Peak Area Sierra Club, to examine the necessity of wolves in the Colorado ecosystem. Colorado needs Wolves – not merely to restore a natural balance or the wildness that we all seek – though wolves will do that if they are present for long enough, in sufficient numbers and with wide enough distribution  – but also to ensure that we pass on a Colorado intact, with a complete suite of native wildlife, to enrich future generations.

The latest podcast is at:

Also check out Podcast 55 on tiny houses. Big things are happening for tiny homes in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs Principal Planner Lonna Thelan fills us in on how city planning and zoning issues affect tiny home locations, and Shelley Jensen, founder, CEO and chief community strategist of We Fortify, shares details of her first development, Working Fusion at Mill Street.

Podcast 55 is at:



Film on Dorothy Day Coming April 5

UCCS, Catholic Charities, West Side Cares, and several other organizations will be presenting “Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story,” a film by Martin Doblmeier exploring the life of peace activist Dorothy Day. The film will be shown on April 5 at 4 p.m. in Centennial Hall, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, on the UCCS campus.  A panel discussion will follow the film, with Martin Doblmeier, the director of the film; local peace instructor Steve Handen, and Anna Nussbaum Keating of Colorado College serving as panel members. The event is free and open to the public, though an offering will be taken for Catholic Charities and West Side Cares. For more information, call Rev. Roger Butts at (719) 433-3135.



PPJPC Offers Sound System for Community Group Rental

PPJPC has partnered with Studio 809 to purchase a portable sound system appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. If you are interested in arranging the use of this sound system, contact Victoria at (719) 632-6189.

Blanket Donations Still Needed at Springs Rescue Mission, Salvation Army Shelter


The appeal for blankets for homeless people continues on.  Our two local shelters say the need is still there. Gently used blankets, comforters, quilts, or throws – along with towels- can be dropped off as follows.  The Salvation Army accepts donations Mon- Fri, 9 am thru noon at their R. J. Montgomery Center, 709 S. Sierra, near Cimarron.  The Rescue Mission donation warehouse, west of their main campus, is located at 111 W. Las Vegas St. with drop off times Mon- Fri 9:30am-4:30pm and Sat 9-11am. 
If you have a heart to help a homeless person, please consider donating new or used items.
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