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Did you know it’s National Fertility Awareness Week? 

Great! But what does “fertility awareness” actually mean?  

Signing petitions. Singing to your uterus. Everything has its place (some things more than others). If you’re tired of wading through 17 saved tabs about sniffing geranium oil, you’re not alone. 

To us, fertility awareness means helping you plan ahead and feel prepared. So in our series this month, kicking off today, we’ve got four topics for you to be aware of – Family Planning, AMH Testing, Male Age and Fertility, and The Best Things to Do for Your Future Fertility.
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Today we’re discussing family planning and if you’re aiming to have a child or three, when you should start trying.

Of course, everyone is different. There are lots of factors at play. And while statistics can create unnecessary panic (bad!), we understand that they can also guide your decision (good), so here’s some intel.

This academic study suggests that the age for women and birthing parents to have a 90% chance of having three kids without in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is 23. With IVF, this rises a little to age 28, although there’s still a 50% shot of success at 36.

Curveball? Remember to take it with a pinch of salt, and read on for our tips on how to plan ahead.
This table shows the maximum female age at which couples should start trying to conceive based on how many children they want and whether they are using IVF to conceive, in order to have a 50%, 75% or 90% chance of success. (Example: if a couple doesn’t want to use IVF and wants 2 children, they need to start trying when the woman or birthing parent is 27 years old in order to have a 90% chance of success.)
What You Can Do, Starting Today
  • If you want a big family and you’re settled in life but you keep telling yourself “next year”, you could consider rethinking your timelines.
  • Look after your health. Really. Exercise, food, limiting alcohol, it all helps.
  • Set up a savings fund for potential IVF treatment. It’s no fun but you may well thank yourself because NHS availability is a bit of a lottery. (The situation is complicated.)
  • This isn’t cheap either, but you could consider looking into social egg freezing.

Next Week: AMH: Is It Worth The Hype?

Stay tuned for part two about anti-müllerian hormone hormone (AMH).

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next Friday!

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