Want to come off the pill but not ready for a baby just yet?

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You probably learned in sex ed how to use contraception to prevent a pregnancy (makes sense, you were underage). Unfortunately, there’s no sex ed for adults who want to get pregnant. Our series for the next month will close this gap by covering everything you need to know about coming off contraception when you’re planning a pregnancy.

Does using hormonal contraception impact my fertility?
Many people wonder if contraception has an impact on their future fertility. The short answer is no. Multiple studies show that long term contraception use doesn’t affect future fertility rates. However, depending on what type of contraception you are using, it may take a while for your period to come back or for the full effects of hormonal contraception to wear off. 

Should I wait to stop contraception until I’m ready to start trying?
Hormonal contraception does not affect future fertility, but it can mask underlying problems you already have. If you’re considering trying to get pregnant, you may want to think about coming off the contraceptive pill a few months before you start trying. This gives your period and hormones time to rebalance and for you to notice any patterns you may want to discuss with your GP. However, it is important to consult your GP in advance of stopping any prescription medication.

What if I want to come off the pill but I’m not ready for a baby immediately?
If you are planning to start trying to conceive in the coming months, it is worth considering a non-hormonal form of contraception until you’re ready to start trying. Note that most of these methods are less effective than hormonal birth control. If it’s very important that you do not get pregnant right away, you may want to stay on your hormonal method a bit longer.

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What to Do Next
Make a contraception plan.

Coming up next week! Learn about your interim contraception options. If you don't plan to start trying to conceive right away, you will need a method of contraception in the meantime. Choose a new method and make sure you can obtain and learn to use it before stopping your current one.

Learn what to expect when you stop your current method. If you are currently using hormonal birth control, stay tuned for our next emails. They will cover important information on what to expect when you stop using the pill, IUDs, injectables and implants.

Make an appointment with your GP. Some methods like the IUD or an injectable require a clinician to remove them. Even if your current method does not require medical assistance, it is important to consult your GP in advance of stopping any prescription medication.

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