October 2013
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     Not really much to announce this month besides the fact that I've been working almost nonstop to edit Resistance. In the last couple months I've had what I've been calling a learning explosion where I've really deepened my knowledge of writing, particularly when it comes to writing deep point of view. Now I've been working hard to apply all that knowledge to Resistance. Here I thought it was nearly ready for publication as it was. Um, not so much. Well, it wasn't bad, but now I've been able to go so much deeper inside my characters' heads and, hopefully, will bring that out for readers.
    I keep going back and forth between very pleased and very frustrated. Depends on the scene and what needs to be done. It certainly takes time. I'm currently working on chapter 12, with 41 in all. Once I'm finished, I may go over it once more, and then it will be off to beta readers. I've never actually worked with beta readers before (probably not smart), but I definitely want opinions before publishing this time around. I'm quite excited about it. At this point, only three people in my family have read/heard it. I can't wait for more feedback. If you want to keep up with how the editing is progressing and information on the whole series in general, make sure you like the Ilyon Chronicles Facebook page. Or, if you're a Google+ user, I've just started my Ilyon page there.
    As for my second business I intended to announce in this newsletter, it's been a bit delayed, and with all my energy going into editing, I haven't pushed to get it all set up. But I will very soon. I only have a couple little things left to do. I'm planning to send out a special announcement email as soon as it's up and running, hopefully within the next few days. I'm very anxious to share this new venture.
I've decided to add a new section to my newsletter that contains a little snippet from one of my books, either published or otherwise. For this month, how about a little sneak peek from Resistance?

    “A gentleman would treat a lady with more consideration.”
    Morden gave a short laugh. “And what would you know about that?”
    A blaze erupted inside that Jace struggled to contain. He swallowed and bit down hard, cursing the impulses he had to battle so often. He couldn’t let it take control of him. Not again.
    “Come on, Jace, we still have to find something for Kalli.” Rebekah’s soft voice soothed his growing agitation, and she tugged lightly on his stiff arm.
    But his blood still burned hot in his veins. His thoughts drifted to Rayad telling him time and again to go to Elôm when he struggled like this. He forced himself to turn away from Morden and whispered silently, “Elôm, I need help.”
    Morden must have caught the movement of his lips just before he had turned completely.
    “Are you praying?”
    Jace froze. His heart thundered.
    “Who could you be praying to? Don’t you know? Animals like you have no soul.”
    An evil pang of doubt knifed through Jace’s heart, colder and more painful than the steel of any dagger, robbing the breath from his lungs. His eyes settled on Rebekah’s face. Her pitying expression added to the misery. Then, his weak grip on his emotions failed. Heat flared in his muscles. He spun around and smashed his fist into the side of Morden’s jaw, sending the man reeling. Regret followed, but it was too late. Morden’s friends caught him by the arms and steadied him as he shook his head to clear his vision.
    Jace dragged deep breaths into his tightened lungs, waiting for Morden’s next move. Just walk away. The silent plea went out in desperation. He wanted it to end here. But satisfaction lit in Morden’s eyes, and his lip curled in a malicious sneer.
Copyright © 2013 by Jaye L. Knight
     After spotlighting Ela from Prophet in last month's newsletter, I had to followup with a spotlight on the series' main guy, Kien Lantec. After all, he was my favorite character of the whole series. The funny thing with Kien is that, while I usually love the guys in a story better than the girls, I wasn't so sure what to think of Kien right at the beginning. He was a bit arrogant and too full of himself, but oh my, did he grow on me quickly. His character growth through all three books was a real pleasure to read. Like Ela, he was a very real and relatable character. He made me laugh, and grin, and worry for him all through the series. Whenever the story would shift away from him, I'd be very anxious to get back.
    I could go on, but that would probably just lead to gushing, maybe even some fangirling. ;) Kien Lantec has definitely joined the ranks of my all time favorite book characters, and I very much look forward to reading his story again soon.
    This is one of my favorite little tools for writing. EditMinion. EditMinion is a free robotic copy editor that finds common mistakes in your writing. All you have to do is paste in a section or chapter and press edit. For a free service, I think it works pretty well, and have used it significantly while editing to show me areas that may need some work. And don't you just love the name? What writer doesn't wish for a few minions? :)

Judge is the second book in the Books of the Infinite series by R.J. Larson, and probably my favorite of the series. Again, I highly recommend it if you're looking for an interesting "Biblical fantasy" read.
Whenever I hear about story structure, I usually want to plug my ears (or quit reading) because it seems like too much to try to wrap my mind around. Well, thanks to this short guest post by K.M. Weiland, I finally get story structure and realized I've been doing it all along without knowing. A perfect five minute explanation for anyone like me who has shied away from figuring out structure.
September 11, 2013 - Truth Review
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