November 2013
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   These months go by so fast, especially this last month. I still feel like it should be summer. I'm afraid this newsletter is going to be a pretty sparse as I really don't have the creative energy to fill in all my usual sections.
   A little over four weeks ago, I accidentally got glutened by something I ate and got really sick. (I have Celiac Disease for anyone who doesn't know.) Usually I feel better within a week or two, but for some reason, this time I'm just not recovering very quickly. I've been up almost every night since then, sometimes for hours at a time, feeling sick to my stomach. It's forced me to narrow down my priorities to two things: getting better and editing. Editing can be tough on good days. Imagine trying to do it when you haven't slept well in a month.
   Unfortunately, it may be pushing back my schedule to publish Resistance since I'm just not getting it done as quickly as I planned. But it will get there. I'm half done with my current edit. It will probably be ready for my beta readers sometime in January. That's the goal, anyway. Good news is, I have been looking at the calendar for potential release dates and have started a list. Once it gets closer, we'll see which one fits best.
   It's also forced me to set aside any other projects for the time being, including getting my Makilien Trilogy all in one book. Perhaps after the holidays I'll have more time and energy, but right now it's just not happening.
   One bit of news I have is that my Kindle books are now enrolled in Kindle MatchBook. This means that if you bought the paperback copy from Amazon, you can now get the Kindle book either free (Truth and The Pirate Daughter's Promise) or for 99 cents.
   Hopefully by December's newsletter I'll be back to full health and can get a lot more done. In the mean time, prayers are hugely appreciated, both for my recovery and my editing. I want Resistance to be the best that it can be and it gets frustrating when I don't feel like I have the creativity or energy to do that.
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