2019 Alaska Women's Tour is Confirmed!

Salutations Rider! It's RoKo

This news comes just before International Female Ride Day, so I couldn't wait to share! MotoQuest has given the green light to run the Alaska Women's Motorcycle Tour from August 3 - 11, 2019. If you were considering joining and waiting for a sign, this is it! There are still a few motorcycles left to choose from. Click here to view pricing, itinerary information, and to register online before they're all scooped up. 

Scroll down for a Q&A slide show. 
Tell me more about the Alaska Women's Tour!

"Will I have to ride in staggered formation the whole time?"

It's helpful when we're getting through more populated areas, but once we're beyond that, feel free to blast ahead or pull over often to take photos. This is your vacation. You'll know where our destinations are and the support truck won't pass the last rider.

"How many miles per day?"

Longest haul is 275 miles. Shortest riding day: 122 miles. We take breaks for snacks, viewpoints, culture, snacks, fuel, critters, bathrooms, and have I mentioned snacks?
The support truck will carry a cooler full of healthy refreshments so we can keep our energy up between meals. Yes, there will be dark chocolate.

"Are we going to be jumping over logs and stuff with the motorcycles?"

You can if you want, but I'll be guiding my guests on roads that are maintained. We might cruise through some road construction (good ol' maintenance), and if you want to earn "extra credit" you can join me on a jaunt down a (maintained) dirt road or two after we get to our destination. No obligation, though.  

Tell me more about the Alaska Women's Tour!

"Is this a slumber party on wheels?"

Only if you want it to be. Introverted and extroverted riders on this tour seem to enjoy the way the group is flexible enough for them to interact as much or as little as they like. Want to cut loose and be unabashedly silly? Bring it. Craving some solo motorcycle and chill time? Go for it.      

"What about the mosquitoes?"

Sometimes they're there. Sometimes you never see any. Good news: a little DEET goes a long way, and I'll have enough 'skeeter repellent to share with everyone.   

"Are we camping?"

Nope. We're sleeping on beds in hotel rooms with windows and walls because you deserve nice things. One of them is at a hot spring resort. Bring your swimsuit.

"Alaska is COLD!"

Is 85°F cold? Prepare for a li'l bit of everything including the possibility of full-blast sunshine in the more arid regions. We're riding through various microclimates, and temps may swing between 55°F - 100°F, with the temperatures dropping a few degrees when we're near glaciers.

If you've got questions I haven't answered, reach out to me directly by emailing or calling 1-800-756-1990 in the US,
or 1-907-272-2777 for international callers. But seriously, register online pronto. 

Be warned, you might have fun.

Tell me more about the Alaska Women's Tour!
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