Edition 1: May 2014
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The Young Farmers Council serves the specific needs and interests of NSW Farmers Association (NSWF) members between the age of 18-35.

This newsletter is intended as a supplement to the regular weekly NSWF member newsletter, Farm Post Online.

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Welcome to Young Farmers


Thanks for checking out the first NSW Young Farmers’ Monthly Newsletter. We primarily we want these newsletters to be about you: we want to showcase all the activities and amazing accomplishments that our Young Farmer members have achieved. It will also keep you in touch with some of the upcoming events around the state.
In light of sharing some of our Young Farmer members' fantastic achievements, I would like to congratulate Kylie Schuller, Georgia Clark and Danila Marini.
Kylie has recently represented her employer, Andrews Meat Industries, at the Food and Hotel Asia Trade Show in Singapore. Further, her family’s Outback Shorthorns stud have had some great results- selling to a top of $28,000 and an average of $8,482.
We are also proud to announce our 2014 NSW Farmer’s Art4Ag Young Farming Champions, Georgia Clark (poultry) and Danila Marini (sheep). These two young ladies are an inspiration, and I believe they will go on to achieve great things for the agricultural industry. You can read more about Georgia here and Danila here. We’ve also included a quick profile of them later on in the newsletter.
There is also the opportunity for you to represent and advocate for your particular industry with representation on one of the NSW Farmers committees. See here for details and contact Elise Routledge or myself for further information or if you’d like to get involved.
Just a quick reminder to tag @YoungNSWF and #YFtravels to your tweets and to tag us on facebook so we can keep up to date with what’s going on with your agricultural endeavours.
My upcoming #YFtravels are:
  • 9-11 May - Art4Ag Seminar in Sydney
  • 13 May - NSW Farmers Executive Council Meeting in Sydney
  • 16-18 May - ASC Youth Group Show All Rural Ball in Wagga Wagga
  • 8 June – Rugby match and White Elephant Winter Ball for Scotty Campbell in Tamworth (find out more about getting a seat at the NSW Farmers table in the events section of the newsletter).
I look forward to seeing you out and about. Remember, if you would like to catch up or have a chat, you can always contact me on or 0432 260 024.
Young Farmers Council Chair

Josh is a beef farmer from Nabiac and is currently studying Law while completing a cadetship at the ABC.

Upcoming events

Get your calendar out!


  1. 17 May - ASC Youth Group Show All Rural Ball (Wagga Wagga)
  2. 17 May - Nyngan District Council AGM + Day at the Football (Nyngan vs Coonamble). Details here.
  3. 7-11 June – World Aquaculture Conference & Trade Show (Adelaide). Details can be found here
  4. 8 June- White Elephant Winter Ball (Tamworth). 
    NSW Farmers will have a table at this ball, if you’re interested in attending please contact Elise NOW to get your seat with us. Limited seats left, so don’t delay!
  5. 19-21 June – Primex Field Days (Casino). NSW Farmers will have a stall here, come by and see us!
  6. 9-11 July - Lambex 2014 (Adelaide) 
    Here’s the chance to attend Australia’s largest showcase of the sheep and lamb industry. Registrations and more detail can be found here
  7. 15-17 July - NSW Farmers Association Annual Conference (Sydney). Big Top Auditorium, Luna Park. Interested in coming? Contact Elise for more details.

Sydney Royal Easter Show Report (Jo Newton):

NSW Young Farmers were well represented at the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show across a wide range of activities. Two of our members, Georgia Clark and our Chair Josh Gilbert took part in the 2014 Rural Achievers program, whilst Elise from the office volunteered with OzHarvest.
Several of our members also volunteered as stewards, with Felicity McLeod helping out in woodchop whilst Jo Newton stewarded in the Merino sheep. Another of our Councilor’s Kylie Schuller assisted with Art4Agriculture's "Cattle Experience" program, teaching youth about beef cattle production in the cattle sheds.
A clear highlight of the Easter Show was #YouthInAg Day: a celebration of all the young people who work in agriculture and an opportunity to showcase them to everyone at the Easter Show. YouthInAg Day wrapped up with the annual Catch Up At The Royal, a networking event for young people. It was a great to chance to catch up with other show volunteers, exhibitors, competitors and representatives from other youth groups from across the state. Held on the Skydeck, we were treated to a great view of the nighttime entertainment and then a live band kept things going well into the night. 

Member profiles

We're a pretty sociable bunch, so to kick things off, meet our two Art4Ag Young Farming Champions for 2014. If you'd like to be in the member profile, contact Elise

First up:
Georgia Clark - Wyee

Dream job / farm set-up you’d like to have by the time you’re 40

By the time I’m 40…. Hopefully finished my degree! For a dream job I would love to be working as a livestock extension officer or research/production consultant. I hope that over the next 20 years we will see a stronger link between research and primary production. Currently, we have neglected the critical interface between agricultural research and primary producers. By the time I am 40, I hope producers have greater access to innovation and I hope to be involved in the process, addressing production constraints and assist in the management of natural resources, to ensure the sustainability of Australian agriculture.

I knew I was into agriculture when...

I loved my animals more than my school friends! My first job as a kid was helping with the chickens before and after school and this ignited the passion for all things agriculture as I grew older and had more responsibility around the property. Because of this the chooks will always be my first love, even as we expanded further into other livestock sectors.

Why is NSW Farmers Association a valuable part of the ag industry?

NSW Farmers provides important services across all areas of Australian agriculture and is a key body that facilitates communication between industries and within them. It gives farmers and producers a voice surrounding issues that affect our industries and provide the support and representation we need to ensure that agriculture and rural communities are not forgotten. It is also a perfect platform to promote our industry and advocate the importance of agriculture to all Australians, bridging the divide between city and country.

Something you’ll only ever see in ag is...

Unrelenting, unwavering passion for what we do. The ability to raise the bar higher, be leaders in our fields, and continually strive for excellence through times of hardship and impossible circumstances sets people in the agricultural industry apart. Australian aggies have an amazing ability to survive in a way that no other industry will even match. The support and mateship that keeps our industries alive fuels the passion and gives us the ability to keep moving forward and aiming for excellence.

And then we have:
Danila Marini - Armidale

Dream job / farm set-up you’d like to have by the time you’re 40

A dream job is always a hard one for me to pick!! One of my original dream jobs was to be an Animal Health Officer (AHO) with PIRSA. An AHO is involved in biosecurity within the agricultural industry and the job requires you to be actively involved and keeping in close contact with producers.

I knew I was into agriculture when...

I was around 9 when my dad bought a property in the Adelaide hills. It was a little hobby farm, he had a few cows, sheep, goats and chickens and I fell absolutely in love with it. Being hands on and working with animals was very exciting. Living in the Adelaide hills also opened my eyes about agriculture as I was surrounded by a few different growers and livestock producers. All of this lead me to apply for Urrbrae Agricultural High School so I could learn more about the industry.

Why is NSW Farmers Association a valuable part of the ag industry?

NSW Farmers plays multiple roles within the ag industry, providing connection, information and support. They are involved in research and most importantly they provide a voice for farmers. Communication and collaboration is very important in any industry and NSW Farmers helps provide that. With initiatives such as NSW Young Farmers, the Association provides us with a way to connect with others our age working within our industry. It’s often hard for people to connect with others in their industry as often you find yourself being too busy, or you may be unaware or distance may be making it difficult. NSW Farmers helps round us all together and introduces us to each other. I personally find this to be very important because if I want to be a researcher to help the agricultural industry, I need to be in touch with producers to find what they think is important and needs improvement.

Something you’ll only ever see in ag is...

I’ve always loved that the ag industry has so much strong will and passion of the people that work in it. Things that come into my mind when I think of ag is “If there’s a will there’s a way” and there is a saying that I heard a lot in South Australia: “to fix it the agricultural way,” haha. No matter how broke it was and no matter how lacking in materials you are, there is always a way to fix it!
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